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Posted by Dawn  -  09.17.12

Weddings, News / Press

Inside Weddings Magazine Fall 2012 | Melina & Patrick

Event Planner: Mindy Weiss
Venue: Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay
Gown: Monique Lhuillier
Tux: Brioni
Cake: Sweet On Cake
Florist: Mark's Garden
Entertainment: West Coast Music
Linens: Revelry Event Designers
Invitation & Calligraphy: Lehr & Black
Videography: Vidicam Productions
Their wedding was simply beautiful with incredible details, gorgeous bridal gown, shoes, cakes, flowers, ooohhhh the list goes on, but that's only the small part of what made their wedding spectacular. Their love for each other is pure right down to the last two paragraphs in this article. Since it's hard to read the text in the article, I'll recite it here because it's utterly noteworthy!

While there isn't one thing the couple would change about their magical day, they were amazed at how quickly it passed. "I look at the pictures and I want so badly to step back in time and relive each moment," says Patrick. And the bride who has dreamt of her wedding for so long? Her favorite memory has nothing to do with the details.

"Right after the ceremony, Patrick and I were whisked away to a more secluded part of the property - just close enough to the ocean to hear the waves crashing - where we had a few minutes to be with each other and take in the moment" Melina recalls. "We didn't realize how profound that time would be for us after everything was said and done, but having those moments alone together to share our feelings was priceless."

Bob and I did this on our wedding day. We stepped outside onto the veranda and just looked into our reception and really took in all the love that was in the room for us that evening. We held each other and cherished that moment. It's something we still talk about to this day.

I always share with our clients that if they can find the time to do this, they will not be sorry. And as Melina beautiful said, her favorite memory had nothing to do with the details, but everything to do with that moment they took for themselves on their wedding day.

Words cannot describe how excited we are for Melina and Patrick to have their wedding featured in the Fall 2012 edition of Inside Weddings magazine. Thank you Melina and Patrick for being so amazing, and for always praising our work. You make our job so easy! We love you both and wish you a lifetime of happiness! A humble, but huge thank you to Mindy Weiss for referring us. We love you dearly!!!

And last but not least, thank you to our dear friends, Ray Santana from Miami and Christine Bentley from Orange County, for second shooting this wedding with Bob. We love you both so much!


~ Dawn + Bob

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Posted by Dawn

09.10.12  -  Weddings

Alenka & Joseph | A Slovenian Love Story

It's hard to believe we spent 3 weeks in Europe over the summer, more on which I'll blog about later. For now, I want to share this very special wedding of our very dear friends, Alenka + Joseph. Bob met Joseph while he was employed at Apple working in the Aperture division. He's now owns his own business, Aperture Expert, and is exactly that... an expert! Alenka is an amazing graphic designer. Together, they are a perfect match.

The first time Joseph introduced us to his new girlfriend, I knew they were going to get married. I have this special power! Wink, wink ; ) What I didn't know is that they would marry in Alenka's home town in Slovenia and Bob and I and our kids would be there to photograph their wedding!!! And what a wedding this was... filled with all kinds of fun Slovenia traditions. She grew up in the most beautiful home on an apple orchard/vineyard in a small town called Svečina. Her cousins, the Jarc Family, also had a beautiful vineyard which is where we were blessed to stay. They took the most amazing care of us. Thank you, thank you!!!

Wedding day arrives, we began at Alenka's home where her friends and family were cooking in the kitchen making a nice spread of food as we all waited for Joseph and his entourage to arrive. What Joseph didn't know was there was going to be a few extra people greeting him at the door when he knocked. To his surprise was Alenka's cousin, dressed as a pregnant woman... it was hilarious watching the girls dress him up for this! Next was her cousin wearing the wedding gown Alenka's mom wore on her wedding day. And finally, Alenka....... oh the look on Joseph's face was priceless.

After being solicited by a pregnant women and a bride with a baby, Joseph was pretty sure he was good to go once he had, Alenka wrapped in his arms. Ohhh, but on the way to the church, they were stopped by the guys in the village who challenged him for the right to marry Alenka. A Slovenian tradition called ¬öranga. He and his best man, Frank Casanova, had to perform all kinds of tasks in order to "buy" his bride. Too fun! Well, they negotiated her down to a fair price and off they went to the church.

Alenka + Joseph had the most beautiful ceremony at the church she grew up attending. The service ended with all of us toasting wine from the Vdovic vineyard. I have to say, that was such a wonderful tradition I wish we could bring to the states. After the ceremony and the rice toss, they were greeted by the folk dancing group that Alenka grew up dancing with. It was so cool to watch them all dance. I think I pinched myself 100 times to make sure I wasn't dreaming. This was good stuff and nothing like our weddings back home.

On our way to the venue, we stopped to take some photos at an overlook where you can see the beautiful village of Svečina in the background, and near Alenka's vineyards. Absolutely dreamy! I had no idea that Slovenia was so beautiful. We were literally on the Austrian/Slovenian border where we could jump and say, "we're in Slovenia, we're in Austria". Still pinching myself. Our son, Bobby, wants to move there because all the girls are so beautiful...!

Once we arrived at the venue, it was a giant party. Let me tell you, Slovenians know how to party! Most everyone stayed at the venue that evening because the reception lasted until the wee hours of the morning. The band that arrived at Alenka's home with Joseph played until the last person left the reception. They were absolutely amazing!!! We danced the night away! This is a wedding that the Davis family will never forget, and I'm sure all their guest feel the same way!

Thank you Alenka + Joseph for this incredible opportunity to witness you becoming husband and wife. May life bring you nothing but happiness. We love you both so much! And we are so thankful for kind hospitality your family showed us.

Much love!

~ Dawn + Bob + Bobby + Alli

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