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Posted by Dawn  -  10.27.10

Weddings, News / Press

VH1 Wedding | Amberly & Ed by Bob Davis

3 years ago, Bob photographed Amberly & Ed's wedding, (for another company he no longer is associated with or endorses), and we just found out it's finally being aired on VH1. Amberly, won the VH1 Bridal Bootcamp wedding of her dreams and Bob was the lucky guy who photographed her wedding. She worked so hard, I cried throughout the entire episode. Bring tissues if you watch this, you will need them. Or maybe I'm just a big wuss. She's such a sweetheart! I hope you get a chance to watch this!!! Amberly is such an inspiration to me to get back to the gym!!! Enjoy!!!

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Posted by Dawn  -  10.24.10

Weddings, Photographers, Workshops

Davis Love Story Photography Workshop | The Results

ONE OF OUR FAVORITE IMAGES FROM THE DAY ~ featuring Brittany Clifton!

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Posted by Dawn

10.16.10  -  Mitzvahs

Bat Mitzvah Photography | Project Shai

This is definitely one of the cutest Bat Mitzvah we've ever seen! Meet Shai and her family. They decided to go with a Project Runway theme. There wasn't one detail left out. They had the dressing mannequins on every table and spools of thread, buttons, scissors and pin hole cushions everywhere. What I loved most was the actual runway they created as the stage. Check it out!!! Reva Nathan and Associates outdid themselves again!

Thank you Shelley and Chuck for giving us the pleasure of spending this incredible day with you. Your family is beautiful and the love you have for one another is so obvious. I hope you love your photos!!!

And thank you Jordana for assisting Bob this day! We adore you and can't thank you enough for all your help!!!

~ Dawn and Bob


Kudos to all the vendors involved...!!!

Event Planner: Reva Nathan & Associates
Service: Am Shalom
Celebration: Ravinia
Event Design: Kehoe
Linens: BBJ Linen
Lighting: Frost Lighting
Entertainment: Flow Entertainment
DJ: Dance All Night


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Posted by Dawn  -  10.15.10

Weddings, Photographers

Fine Art Books by GraphiStudio

Look what came in the mail this week. Janny and James's wedding book!!!! Ohhhhh, I'm so in love! James is a photographer and between the two of us, we took forever selecting their images for their book. Since their wedding was in May 2008, I can wholeheartedly say........ it was well worth the wait!!!

Our book company, GraphiStudio is the BEST book company in the world. And that's fair to say since they are worldwide and located in Italy. They have amazing products and we have always offered the best to our clients. I found out from a really cool photographer, Belen Aquino, that GraphiStudio offers custom engraving on their varnished covers. I immediately knew that James would love this because he's just so cool. I asked him to send me the artwork from East Six, the wedding invitation company they hired, so I could have it engraved on the cover. And violĂ ! Look at this beauty! You can check out their book design here.

If you are a photographer reading this blog, we highly, highly recommend GraphiStudio.

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Posted by Dawn

10.12.10  -  Photographers

Jordana Dale | Our Intern

Bob & I have our very first intern working with us for a couple of months and I'm so EXCITED. Her name is Jordana and she's a doll. We receive so many requests to intern and for some reason her email stood out among them all. I think it was fate! God works in mysterious ways. She was born and raised in a small town in Georgia. When she first spoke to me she called me "ma'am" which secretly made me feel old... haha! She calls me Dawn now. Thank God. She has 4 sisters, OMG, and all their names start with a "J". She definitely has a beautiful sense of family and a big desire to pursue photography. She says "y'all" sometimes and it always makes me smile!

She's been assisting Bob with his lighting and learning a lot in the process. She's a quick study and picks up on things fast. She's also helping me and Michele in the office. She fits fits into our business wonderfully and we're so happy to have her around. Please join us in welcoming her! You can find her on Facebook too. If you're coming to our workshop next week, you'll get to meet her!

We had a fun family session with Ed Weiland the other day in his studio and Jordana came along. She's fun and loves to pose! Here's some cute photos of her. Bob took the last photo of her outdoors. Isn't she adorable?

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Posted by Dawn  -  10.07.10

Photographers, Workshops

Davis Love Story Photography Workshop | Oct 19 & 20, 2010

Our next workshop will be here before you know it. I'm getting more and more excited. Michele, our Operations Manager, has been helping me with all the little details we're going to be surprising everyone with. It's going to be an amazing workshop and we can't wait to meet everyone! We already have a fantastic group coming and only 3 seats left. THIS WORKSHOP WILL BE AMAZING!!!!!

Today, Bob did a test shoot at The Narnia Estate, where our workshop will be at October 19 & 20, 2010. Here's a couple of photos of just one of our gorgeous models, Kelly Conrad. She is s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g...!!! The grounds at Narnia are so enchanting. Ohhhh, it's going to be so much fun. We have a lot of wonderful things planned. Shhhhh, many are surprises! Gorgeous models, a white horse and a vintage car to start! Thank you Ed Weiland for all the help with finding models and the location for this workshop!


We have a great group of photographers coming from all over the country and we can't wait to meet everyone!

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