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Posted by Dawn  -  12.29.09

Personal, Photographers

Happy New Year From The Davis Family



I'm so excited to share how I created the animated photo above. Many of you already know how much we LOVE SHOWIT and how excited I was when I used Showit to designed both of our websites, our portfolio and our workshop websites. It's hands down, by far, thee best website program out there. If you are looking to brand yourself and design a custom website, then look no further. This is the perfect, most easy, website program in the world. If I haven't said enough or loud enough, it's THE BEST program and ANYONE who has a business of their own can use this. It's not just for photographers. I've seen ministries, real estate agents, designers, musicians, writers, scrapbookers, and even woodworking companies use it. It's so easy to learn, my 12 year old son could make a fantastic site. You do not need to know html code. It's completely user friendly.... it's just amazing! Now with Showit, you can embed your entire website into your blog or just a page, like I did above! How cool is that?

I know this may sound like an informercial.... it's not! Bob and I believe that if you love something, share it with the world. It you want to find out more about Showit... go here: Davis Workshops and pick up a promo code to use with Showit. If you use this promo code, we will give you a one time 50% discount off any of our products! Just let us know that you've used the promo code and we'll hook you up!

So that's it....! What are you waiting for? Go design the website you've always wanted. It's that easy!

~ Dawn


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Posted by Dawn

12.26.09  -  Personal

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays | Our Wishes For You!

Christmas is a day to relish in the love and spirit of our dear Lord, and spend precious time with our family and friends. That we did. Although, our great niece, Delaney Lulu, was not well this week so our Christmas dinner will be celebrated tonight instead. We had a beautiful Christmas day, with my mom, dad and brother in town. For breakfast we had some yummy Williams-Sonoma croissants that were sent to us from the beautiful Benton family!!! We enjoyed them throughly... thank you Roxie, Curt, Bevan and April...!!! We love you all so much.

This year we sent out 275 Christmas cards, the list keeps growing. We are so blessed to have some wonderful friends who adore and of course a family we cherish. I wanted to share our card with everyone, so here it is. It was quite the project this year. They were die-cut in shape of a mitten. Printed on linen paper. I was going to hand tie them all together with ribbon and bow, but after I did the first few, I wanted to cry. It took forever and with 275 of them, I was a little freaked out that they wouldn't be done in time. So, I found these cute, blue, swirly, round paperclips to finish it off. It turned out so cute! Thank you Marathon Press for printing our card for us. What a fantastic job you did!!!! And lastly, thank you Kenny Kim for helping out with our family photos this year. You rock!

We hope that you all enjoyed the holidays!!! That you were warm and loved and surrounded by those you love and who love you. We pray for those who don't have families, or are struggling with the loss or health of a loved one. We keep you all close to our hearts.

May 2010 bring us all much happiness, good health, and prosperity!

All our love,

~ Bob, Dawn, Bobby and Alli, The Davis Family!

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