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Posted by Dawn

04.29.10  -  Engagements

Chicago Engagement Photography Session | Tanya & Pete

What an incredible engagement session with Tanya and Pete....! Aren't they fabulous? Up for anything, very fun, and not to mention b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l....!!! Our friends, and clients, Kim and Greg introduced us to this sweet couple. I was on the phone with Kim and she was telling me that Pete was just about ready to propose to Tanya. I was like............. OMG, we need to photograph that for them! And so, we did....!!! Check out Pete's proposal to Tanya and how their cute puppy, Spencer, was in on the surprise!

You can see Kim and Greg's engagement session and their wedding right here. Thank you so much Kim and Greg for referring us to your friends!!! We adore you both!!!

Hugs and kisses,

~ Dawn

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Posted by Dawn

04.21.10  -  Engagements

Chicago Engagement Photography Session | Isabelle & Michael

This is Isabelle and her uber wonderful fiance, Michael. They're getting married at the Chicago Botanic Garden this summer. We are so excited and not to mentioned extremely honored to be photographing their beautiful wedding. We met Isabelle and her sweet mom through their event planner, Reva Nathan. Reva is one of the most sought after event planners in the city and she is fabulous!!! We can't say enough good things about her. If you're looking to plan an event, she's is so talented and her staff is equally amazing.

Here are some super fun images from Isabelle & Michael's engagement session! Can't wait for their wedding day!


~ Dawn & Bob

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Posted by Dawn  -  04.17.10

Photographers, Workshops

Switzerland Photography Workshop Results | Bob & Dawn Davis

Switzerland photographers................ whew! A tough crowd, but one I feel in love with. Bob and I taught a 2 day workshop in Zurich, Switzerland in March to an amazing group of photographers. I think we had about 38 attendees. Things are very different in Switzerland than they are here in the States. Things like First Looks, Engagement Sessions, and Mess The Dress sessions aren't really considered there. Networking isn't really big there either. As we all know here, networking with other photographers is huge! Our friend, Daniel Zihlmann is a photographer in Switzerland and he's breaking all the rules. He's created a group called The Wedding Crashers and once a month they all get together to network. They encourage each other and they are bringing a different spin to wedding photography. It's pretty amazing. It reminds me of what's been happening in the States since things like David Jay's forum Open Source Photo began. I love it! And I think the photographers from Switzerland are all going to make some huge changes there over the next year! It's pretty exciting!

A big thank you to Paul Merki from Light+Byte. He brought us over to teach this workshop and we are so humbled by that. I was really awesome meeting you Paul. Thank you for making this workshop possible!

Here's some fun shots Bob created. You can also see some great images on Facebook from some of the attendees that I could find... Daniel Zihlmann, Colette Anderes, Daniel Knecht, Thomas Wuscher, Jeanine Linder, Felix Oberhaensli, Simon Lutolf, Claire Morgan, Nadia Talamona, Daniel Däppen.

Thank you to Daniela Aregger and Mike Leuenberger for modeling for us during the workshop! You're both so beautiful....!!!!!

I will be blogging about the rest of our amazing trip soon too!!! Stay tuned...!!! Here's a sneak peak at Anton Lorimer's blog post about our trip. The Lorimer family ROCKS!!!

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Posted by Dawn

04.17.10  -  Personal

Our Trip To Switzerland

Our trip to Switzerland started off pretty rough due to a pretty bad car accident within our first 6 hours of being there. Miraculously, none of us were seriously hurt. Bumps and bruises and a little whiplash, nothing to complain about. God was really watching over us big time. Someone said to me... "It's hard to believe you think God was watching over you when this accident happened. Don't you think if He was really watching over you this accident wouldn't have happened at all." It was a legitimate comment but I don't think that at all.

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Posted by Dawn  -  04.08.10

News / Press, Photographers, Workshops

Book: Lights, Camera, Capture by Bob Davis | Pre-Order Now

UPDATE 04/08/10: We're getting more and more excited about the release of Bob's new book: LIGHTS, CAMERA, CAPTURE. I think the official release date is April 20, 2010 but it's changed a couple of times. I know it's very soon!!!!

When Barry Pruett from Wiley Publishing approached Bob about writing a book, I have to be honest... he was a little nervous. He's never written a book before and he wasn't sure if he could. Well, with much trepidation he accepted the challenge. While writing the book, there were many moments where he was feeling pretty weak and he was beginning to doubt himself. But I knew that God had much bigger plans for him than he could see for himself.

I am so proud of him as he's in the final stages of preparing for the release of his 1st book. It's pretty exciting as I know he poured his heart and soul into this book. He's received some great feedback on the sample chapter we have shared with our friends.

Creative Lighting For Digital Photographers

Anyway, it's listed on Amazon available for pre-order. I'm sure once it's release, the price will go up some so order it soon! We're excited to hear your thoughts!!!

We just can't thank Barry Pruett, Sandy Smith, Courtney Allen and the entire team at Wiley for supporting Bob and I in all our endeavors! You all are the very best!!!

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