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Posted by Dawn  -  07.29.10

Giving Back, Photographers

Join Us For A 90 Minute Mentoring Session - Thirst Relief Int'l

All of you who know us, know that we are supporters of THIRST RELIEF INTERNATIONAL.

Thirst Relief International is auctioning 90 minute mentoring sessions with 5 talented photographers from the Showit Freedom Tour and we are excited to be one of them. The auction begins tonight, July 29th at 12:00am CST and will end on Sunday August 1st at 12:00am. So please place your bid soon. 100% of your bid directly benefits Thirst Relief.

We can talk about anything! Maybe you are interested in how Bob gets those amazing shots, or maybe you want to know what some of the biggest mistakes that we made in our business and how we course corrected. Are you wondering how we manage a successful business, marriage, AND two kids with active lives? We can chat about why Bob isn't allowed to talk money with our clients.... that's always a good one! Want to know what works for us and what doesn't? All you need to do is bid......!

Your 90 minute mentoring session can take place anywhere in the Chicagoland area. Or we can Skype or chat over the phone... whatever works best for you!


1 - SAMPLE CHAPTER FROM BOB'S NEW BOOK: Lights, Camera, Capture: Creative Lighting Techniques for Digital Photographers.

A better description of these items can be found at Davis Workshops Products.



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Posted by Dawn  -  02.24.10

News / Press, Giving Back, Photographers

Thirst Relief International | Main Feature Documentary Video

In November of 2009, 4 people, Bob Davis, Anton Lorimer, Kenny Kim and Jim Davis-Hicks, the President of Thirst Relief International journeyed to the East African country of Tanzania. The goal of the trip was to document and create a compelling film that captured the clean water needs of the region and the efforts of Thirst Relief International. Cinematographers Anton Lorimer and Bob Davis shot the project in a documentary style that attempts to capture the real struggles and efforts of the people in Africa. Kenny Kim was the designated photographer and blogger that relayed the day to day progress to the rest of the world. Jim Davis-Hicks acted as guide and spokesperson of Thirst Relief. Post production/editing was performed by Lorimerworks. We are so excited to share the final version of the documentary video.

To make A Donation to Thirst Relief International. $5.00 goes a long way, $10.00 goes even further, etc... For the price of a Starbucks latte, you can make a huge difference in the lives of many people.

To see all versions of the video at Thirst Relief's SmugMug site, click HERE


~ Dawn & Bob

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Posted by Dawn  -  02.17.10

Giving Back, Photographers

Win A One-On-One Mentoring Session With Us!

Thank you all who bid on our 1 on 1 mentoring auction for Thirst Relief!!! You ROCK!

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Posted by Dawn  -  01.23.10

Giving Back, Personal

Doctors Without Borders | Haiti

It continues to break my heart hearing about Haiti and the people who are hurting, dying, or buried alive. Our family doesn't watch TV, or much of it, so we're not always on top of the news. I get most of my news through feeds like CNN or Twitter. I know... crazy. Bob worked in the newspaper industry for a long time and when he left, we didn't want to hear all the sad news anymore. This doesn't mean that we turn our heads to sad news, we just don't want to be consumed by it daily. When something is hit so hard like Haiti, we want to know, we want to help. We chose to give to DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS for this cause. I have to be completely honest and say the reason why we chose them is because I had heard that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie gave a million dollars to them. I hope that is true, and my heart tells me it is. As many people speak negatively about them, I happen to love the things they have done is this world. I aspire to give as much as they have. They have provided a forever family to multiple children, we have for two. Needless to say, Doctors Without Borders is an amazing organization and I hope that the donation we provided, as miniscule as it may seem in this horrific devastation, helps a little bit.

If you can give one dollar or one million dollars, please do. Our brothers and sisters in Haiti need our help.

God bless us all...

~ Dawn

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Posted by Bob  -  12.14.09

Giving Back, Personal

Tanzania, Africa | Thirst Relief Int'l | Mission Trip Photography

UPDATE 12/14/09: So excited to share this trailer that was just sent to us straight out of the cutting room from Anton Lorimer. He's incredibly talented and I'm so proud of of all the work he's created and the efforts we made in Tanzania for Thirst Relief International.

If you are looking for the perfect gift to give someone for the holidays, give a donation on their behalf. Make A Donation to Thirst Relief International. $5.00 goes a long way, $10.00 goes even further, etc... For the price of a Starbucks latte, you can make a huge difference in the lives of many people.

Stay tuned.... more to come!

ORIGINALLY POSTED: 12/02/09: Hey everyone, Bob here. First time I've blogged in a long time. Dawn is usually the blogger, when she's not busy multi-tasking everything else in our lives. I'm not sure how I would do this all without her. Thank you Lulu. I love you more than words could ever say!

The last couple of months have been a whirlwind for us. Dawn & I left for New York in the middle of October and I didn't make it back home until well into November. More than 3 weeks away from home is way too long. I think my beautiful kiddos grew 2 inches while I was gone. It was hard on us all for me to be away from my family like this, but the journey was very eventful.

After I left Dawn in New York, I headed to Tuscany, Italy to attend a workshop with Gene Higa and Jose Villa. It was an incredible experience and I met many wonderful photographers who inspired me deeply. Dawn blogged a few images in the last entry HERE on our blog.

From Italy I headed to Tanzania, Africa, with a pretty cool layover in Dubai. I met up with Kenny Kim, Anton Lorimer, and Jim Davis-Hicks, the President of Thirst Relief International. We were there to collaborate on a video documentary for Thirst Relief. Anton and I were there to shoot video footage with our Canon 5D MarkII cameras while Kenny Kim documented the behind the scenes with still pictures. Together, I think we captured everything we needed to make an incredible short film to help bring more awareness to Thirst Relief International.

I shot a few stills during our trip but my primary focus was making the video. I did want to share a few images here. Anton is busy editing the film and we all can't wait to share that with the world. He's incredibly talented and I know he will do this project justice. I believe God has big plans for Thirst Relief. Big plans! For a more in-depth, behind the scenes look at our trip, check out Kenny Kim's blog. I'd also like to send a huge thank you to Jim Collins, Simon Anderson, Scott Anderson & Deb Gerson at Pictage for your generous support in making this trip possible. And to end this post with the most special thank you to God for wrapping your arms around us all, guiding us through this journey, and bringing us home safely to our families. THANK YOU!




For more information about making a donation or donating your time:

Thirst Relief International
Make A Donation

Any donation is appreciated, even with $5.00 you can make a difference in people's lives. Dawn & I believe the more you give, the more you have!

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