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Posted by Dawn

03.18.11  -  Mitzvahs

Chase's Bar Mitzvah And Celebration

What a fun celebration Chase's Bar Mitzvah was for everyone! The service was at Am Shalom and the celebration was at Ravenswood Billboard Factory. Simply an amazing atrium and loft space. Chase's family sure knows how to throw a party! And with the help of Reva Nathan and Associates, everything was perfect!!!

A big thank you to our sweet friend and talented 2nd Shooter, Heidi Morgan. We love you!!!

We hope you enjoy the photos. Have a great weekend everyone!

~ Dawn and Bob


Kudos to all the vendors involved...!!!

Event Planner: Reva Nathan & Associates
Service: Am Shalom
Celebration: Ravenswood Billboard Factory
Event Design: Kehoe
Linens & Catering: Catering by Michael's
Lighting: Frost Lighting
Entertainment: Flow Entertainment

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Posted by Dawn  -  03.05.11

News / Press, Photographers

Rangefinder Magazine | February 2011 Issue

This was such an honor for us to be featured in Rangefinder Magazine in the big WPPI Wedding Issue, February 2011. It was incredible timing as we spoke at WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) this year at a Platform class that held 1,000 people. OMG... I was so nervous, I talked so fast that poor Bob didn't get a work in edgewise! I was trying to get 8 hours of material into 2 hours. I need to work on that. It was an amazing opportunity, one that Bob and I will be forever grateful. Thank you to everyone who came and heard us speak. You guys rock our world!!!

Our photo also graced the cover of the WPPI Show Guide. A huge thank you to George Varanakis, Arlene Evans, and Kate Volpe for giving us this honor. And a heartfelt thank you to Peter Kotsinadelis for writing such a wonderful article about us! Photographers, if you are not subscribed to this magazine, you're missing out.

To top things off, Canon used another one of Bob's photos (of Rebecca & Kenny) in a Rangefinder Ad. Thank you Robert Schall for all your kindnesses!!!

Humbled beyond belief...

~ Dawn and Bob

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Posted by Dawn

03.04.11  -  Personal


It's been a whirlwind year so far and it's only March! I don't even know where to begin to say how incredibly grateful we are to have the love and support from our family, friends and photographers around the world. There are days I sit in my closet, I know weird but it's where I get the most quiet time, and pray to God for forgiveness because maybe I haven't used my words with Grace or that I got upset because I had to get up again and let the dog in and his paws were slathered in mud. I'm am not perfect, I have so many flaws.

But mostly, I'm thankful to God for all the blessings He has brought our way. We are truly fortunate to have found our God given talents and even more so that we can share them with others. I am forever indebted to Him. I praise Him like no other.

Our faith is by far most important to us. And our family, well, they are so incredibly special to us. Sometimes, I know I'm hardest on my family. So, I feel so blessed that they love me so much. I love them too. My mom is the most incredible woman I know. She is strong and stubborn, I'm much like her. We are both so blessed to have incredibly patient husbands. My dad, my hero, passed away in 1996. I know he knew I was in good hands with Bob. He also knew that my mom's husband, my stepdad, was the next best thing to a real dad to me. I am in good hands indeed.

I wanted to share some long over due photos from our Dude Ranch trip we took last Labor Day with my parents. My mom turned 75 that weekend and she was riding horses. Amen!!!


Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend...!


~ Dawn

Ps: Thanks to Pixel 2 Canvas, I sent my Mom and Dad a huge canvas for Christmas!

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Posted by Dawn

03.01.11  -  Personal

The Davis Kids Annual Photo

Many of you know that our children are adopted. They are biological siblings from Chisinau, Moldova. We've been a forever family for 9 years now. It's hard to believe it's gone by so fast.

Every year we take a photo of Bobby and Alli on the same day February 13. The first one was taken in 2002 at Casa de Copii, the orphanage they lived in. Every year on that same day, Bob takes the same photo of them with Papusheka (Alli's little doll). It was the first gift we ever gave her.

We have our adoption video on our website if you're interested...

No laughing at my clothes or my dancing! And bring tissues... don't say I didn't warn you!

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Posted by Dawn  -  03.01.11

Weddings, News / Press

Munaluchi Bridal | Spring/Summer 2011 Issue

La La Vazquez was photographed for the cover of Munaluchi Bridal, an exquisite bridal magazine. Albeit, the cover image is not ours, there is a 9 page spread in the magazine feauring her wedding to NBA star husband, Carmelo Anthony which was an absolute blast to photograph at Cipriani's on 42nd Street, in New York.

When the incredibe Jacqueline Nwobu, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of Munaluchi Bridal, contacted us to let us know the article had run in her magazine, we were stunned and thrilled. We can't thank Jacqueline enough for sending us a copy of the magazine to share with our friends and family!

LaLa Vazquez and Carmelo Anthony's wedding was also featured on a VH1 series and the show is called Full Court Wedding. You can check out all the episodes online at VH1 right HERE.

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