Daniel J Pesta | Wow, I love the new site and these pics are priceless to have of your family. I want to also thank you guys for the love you poured out of your hearts in the workshop last year. Not only did I leave with some new awesome tools to use in photography, I left wanting to be a better person. Bob and Dawn your characters express a character of God in your business and that I am sure is shining in all the lives you touch. God bless you, your family, and the world as you make an impact in it. Daniel  (08.03.09 - 2:00AM)

Yazy | I agree with Scarlett! Thank you for sharing these beautiful images :)  (07.28.09 - 8:46PM)

Ed Weiland | I love these images! Bob does such an amazing job of capturing emotion! And Dawn's PS techniques ROCK!!!! What an amazing team!!!! Love you guy!!!!  (07.21.09 - 9:39PM)

Scott Shaw | Fun shots and nice of Bob to let your stepfather wear one of his shirts!  (07.20.09 - 12:20PM)

Kevin Keith | You guys are beautiful! Love the new site and blog. It is awesome!  (07.20.09 - 1:50AM)

Scarlett Lillian | Beautiful lighting... love the last pic, but like you need photoshop done to you! ;-) You're gorgeous Dawn!  (07.19.09 - 9:40PM)

Davis Dawn | Wow.... THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your sweet words. I love my family more than anything and they are always so willing to model for Bob, well, I guess they have no choice! The camera is always in their face! Thanks again for coming by and checking out our new blog. We're crazy happy you are here!!!!!! xoxoxo ~ Dawn  (07.19.09 - 10:10AM)

Dixie Dobbins | awwww How beautiful! These are gorgeous! The lighting and the poses and the LOVE! How wonderful that yall took the time and did it. I love the one of your stepdad by himself. What character he has in his face! Hugs to you guys and thanks for sharing!  (07.15.09 - 1:06PM)

kristieblake | i love this of all of you...LOVE it...& totally know bob's impromptu wheatfield shoots!!! ...& we have plenty HERE!! xoxoxox  (07.14.09 - 11:53PM)

Robin Arnold | These made my heart happy today : )  (07.14.09 - 7:35AM)

Stephen Ng | oooooooo love the new blog guys lovely photo of you two too =)  (07.13.09 - 12:20PM)

Nancy Remling | These are amazing! So much love and fun shown. The one of you and Bob is spectacular! :)  (07.13.09 - 11:52AM)

Angie Becker | These are great! Non planned family shoots always the best!!  (07.13.09 - 9:53AM)

Erika McCauley | I love these! Especially the 2nd to the last one - WOW!!  (07.13.09 - 9:51AM)

Roxanne Benton | Uber, SUPER lovely!! Your step dad looks like quite the charmer!  (07.13.09 - 9:35AM)

Chris Fawkes | Great shots. Love the new blog.  (07.13.09 - 7:12AM)

Nancy Ramos | These are priceless. I love the colores and the lighting is just perfect.  (07.13.09 - 2:44AM)

Christine Bentley | funny, our family photo sessions consist of a point and shoot and funny faces....very nice guys! You all look fabulous!  (07.13.09 - 1:44AM)

Grace Kim | Just beautiful!  (07.13.09 - 1:11AM)

Kelly Braman | *What a fun photo shoot! btw~I adore your new branding! The site looks amazing:)  (07.13.09 - 12:55AM)