Jenika | This whole session is outstanding, but the second-to-last photo with the moving bus behind the couple is honestly one of the most creative, visually interesting, technically excellent shots I've ever seen. I actually have been sitting here trying to figure out how you got the couple so crisp with the bus so blurry....can't think of what balance of shutter speed would have accomplished it, and I can't tell if that's OCF on the couple or just lighting under the bridge (which I suppose is a good thing that I can't tell!!)...anyway, awesome work as usual! Varied, beautiful images.  (10.27.10 - 1:14AM)

Rachel J | AHHHH-MAZING!!!!!!  (10.26.10 - 8:00AM)

Amber | Your work must be the best! I am in love!  (10.15.10 - 1:19AM)

Lin and Jirsa Photography | Wheat field shots are gorgeous, loving the angles and contrast in urban landscape and nature!  (09.29.10 - 7:12PM)

undfind photography | Love the last shot of the city backdrop at night. So artistic!  (09.27.10 - 6:42PM)

Beth Jennings | The image with the field and the statue is really damn cool, love the angle. they looked to be a lot of fun and willing to try things for you, so cool!  (09.21.10 - 12:01AM)

M. Clay | All great, but yes....that last one is breathtaking.  (09.10.10 - 11:57AM)

Todd Pinckney | Beautiful session Bob and Dawn! I absolutely love the shots of them in the wheat field with the city in the background!  (09.08.10 - 8:24PM)

Harmony Loves | so very gorgeous! And the light is just amazing!  (08.27.10 - 4:46PM)

Troy Woods | These images are beautiful. Great work you all.  (08.26.10 - 10:39AM)

theresachoi | Hello, Bob and Dawn! Gorgeous couple and gorgeous images! I LOVE that last shot as well! :)  (08.20.10 - 8:28PM)

Colorado Wedding Photographers, JasonG | Great color and light in these pics. Bob and Dawn - always amazing!! When are you coming to Denver so we can hang?  (08.18.10 - 10:00AM)

Armin | Fabulous work guys, I really like the one in the wheat field with the cityscape behind - what a nice contrast and comp - not something you see very often!  (08.15.10 - 7:20PM)