Colorado Wedding Photographer, JasonG | Fantastic images - great location. I really like the image of your couple holding hands - with their shadow in the background.  (04.26.10 - 12:32PM)

Troy Woods | Love the lighting...  (04.26.10 - 10:08AM)

Bob Davis | Everyday I have to pinch myself at how blessed Dawn and I are to have such wonderful clients that allow me to capture moments in their life. It's far more rewarding than my days at the newspaper. This is more personal and getting a hug at the end of the shoot, bonus! Dawn you always manage to know how to complete my vision with your exquisite toning and polishing the final images. Otto, lighting is key! The flash off camera, to the left helps create depth. Bobby was a great assistant keeping the wind from blowing over my light stand with a 28" Westcott Apollo with two 580EX II Speedlites inside, triggered via a Canon ST-E2 with Radiopoppers. Love the quality of light from the Apollo and it sets up so fast and easy on location. Alicia and Julie, thanks for your comments, they motivate me to keep challenging myself. Let your light shine, Bob PS Thank you Isabelle & Michael, you guys brought the love.  (04.22.10 - 11:19AM)

Otto Rascon | I LOVE that final image! The columns add so much depth and visual-umph. The colors they are wearing make them stand out so much. Thanks for sharing. Rock on guys!  (04.22.10 - 10:48AM)

Alicia Swedenborg | Beautiful, as always! :)  (04.22.10 - 2:28AM)

Julie Renee | LOVE this shoot, you guys. Such a cute couple!  (04.21.10 - 11:16PM)