Vanessa Joy | I just have to say good for you recognizing God's protection on you and your family during an accident which you could've easily blamed on his lack of watching over you!  (04.28.10 - 10:31AM)

Julie Renee | Dawn, I am so sorry that you guys went through that. I personally was involved in a really bad car flip (flipped 7 times) in 2001, and I truly believe that God was there protecting me during that accident because every witness said they were sure we wouldn't live, let alone be released from the hospital the next day! He was watching over you, and I'm so glad no one was hurt badly.  (04.21.10 - 11:25PM)

YAZYJO | I was so happy when I heard you guys were okay. I love that illustration and your words touched my heart.  (04.20.10 - 11:34PM)

Pamela | Oh my dear. I couldn't imagine having that happen in a different country. I hope that God restores all of your nerves and that the kids can learn about safety & protection. So happy to hear that you are all okay. I've been in a flipped car & my dad is a PT. I see him often. Make a point to work on any physical kinks so they don't get worse. blessings to the davis family. love from WI, pamela  (04.19.10 - 1:38PM)

Daniel Ruta | Jesus, this looks very spectacular. Thank God no one was seriously hurt. Hope you still keep Switzerland in good memories. Superb comic strip.  (04.19.10 - 7:40AM)

Daniel Zihlmann | I think you are right the way you see it, Dawn. It was really a miracle nobody was seriously hurt. I'm glad that after this terrible start the Davis Family finally had a great time in Switzerland. Love the comic strip, that's a good point! :-)  (04.18.10 - 12:45PM)