Andrew | Thanks so much Bob, for sharing your knowledge and excitement of making photos to us who want to excel. Awesome book, Helped me solidify my Speedlight woes.  (07.14.10 - 6:39AM)

Nick Wrzesinski | I just received my book this morning and can't wait to dig through it! Bob you've been an inspiration and my photography's grown leaps and bounds from the lighting techniques I've learned from you.  (04.26.10 - 4:29PM)

Troy Woods | Ordered my copy this morning!  (04.26.10 - 10:07AM)

Daniel Ruta | What a milestone in photographers career ! Congratulations, cant wait to have your book in my hands. My copy is on the way, I just got the shipping notice from amazon (US).  (04.23.10 - 3:12PM)

Riz Crescini | I am so looking forward to this! Congratulations to you both.  (04.16.10 - 11:18AM)

Andy John | I was so excited for you guys when I saw this that I was jumping up and down in the Studio last night. Bob, Im so proud and happy for you! This is HUGE. All the best, hope to see you soon. Andy J  (03.04.10 - 11:42PM)

Bob Davis | I'm so blessed to be surrounded by amazingly supportive peers. Thank you for supporting Dawn and I, we are grateful. All my best, Bob  (03.04.10 - 1:18PM)

kristie blake | the image on the front...i feel like it was just yesterday when u were talking about it with them in NYC..NEXT...YOU know i LOVE the back image...i CANNOT wait to show Bambi & Ontel this... i'm so flipping PROUD of what the 2 of you have accomplished...i know i tell you often...but seriously? you both are amazing & i love you dearly.  (03.03.10 - 10:12AM)

Scarlett Lillian | How awesome is this book! You go Bob and Dawn!  (03.02.10 - 9:52PM)

Ross | Thats so great. Congratulations on the new book. See you guys in Vegas  (03.02.10 - 6:40PM)

regina | Just pre-ordered! So excited to have all that wonderful info at my fingertips!  (03.02.10 - 9:59AM)

Garrett | Congratulations, guys! What a fantastic milestone and it couldn't have happened to two better, more deserving people. We are truly excited for you! Can't wait to see you in a few days!  (03.02.10 - 9:51AM)

Laura Meehan | Wow, you two move at the speed of "light"! You never stop surprising me at how you are able to create such awesome tools for us still frustrated photographers! Thank you! I just pre-ordered my copy and can't wait to get my hands on the book and DVD.  (03.02.10 - 9:42AM)

Nicole | Just pre-ordered my copy. I can't wait!  (03.01.10 - 12:38PM)

DAWN DAVIS | You guys ROCK! Thank you so much for all your sweet comments. They made Bob's day!!!  (03.01.10 - 1:37AM)

Eliane | Congrats :) May God Bless you guys  (02.28.10 - 2:01PM)

Rich Chapman | I once knew a great newspaper photographer, then I knew a great wedding photographer. Now I know a great book author. Congratulations my dear friend!  (02.28.10 - 10:55AM)

Amy Zellmer | That is SO awesome Bob! So very proud of you!!!  (02.28.10 - 10:44AM)

ASIM SOOFI | Congrats to both of you! Another great achievement. Best wishes & I hope you sell out millions of copies!  (02.28.10 - 10:04AM)

Rachel J | Fabulous!! Its so exciting to see the finished product of all the hard work you put into it!!  (02.28.10 - 6:44AM)

Kenny Kim | Congratulations! I can't wait to order my copy of it - I know you guys put lot of labor and effort into it. It is so cool to see it come to life!  (02.28.10 - 4:40AM)