Mabyn | Dawn, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for the next round on the east coast! I hope you two are having a great time at WPPI! Thank you for the comment on the blog, you're too sweet! <3 Mabyn  (03.06.10 - 8:38PM)

DAWN DAVIS | Mabyn, We were in Baltimore last July for a 2 day workshop. We're headed to WPPI, Switzerland, then off to the West Coast in May. I'd love to come to NY and do a workshop... maybe this fall. Who knows where we'll end up!!! xoxox ~ Dawn  (03.01.10 - 1:43AM)

Mabyn | One of these days we've gotta get you two out to the east coast and not just for a quick talk at the PDN Expo!  (02.28.10 - 1:59PM)