Philippe Wiget | A very nice group of images. Number two has the power I like and the Yahoo! taxi is just the right opener for the following taxi group of images.  (03.11.10 - 4:56PM)

DAWN DAVIS | I love you guys! Your comments make us smile and we appreciate them so much!!! Thank you for taking time out of your busy days to come visit us and leave us your sweet words! xoxoxo ~ Dawn & Bob  (02.17.10 - 2:06PM)

lindsay moore | ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!!!!!!!! Love these so so much!!!!!!!! The entire Davis family is rockin!  (02.17.10 - 1:53PM)

Jared Jacobus | Those taxi shots are AMAZING! Very awesome idea.  (02.17.10 - 9:05AM)

christine guthrie | Hi Dawn and Bob, remember me from Xanga, I'm finally taking up your invitation to check out your new blog, and it looks fabulous. Love your profile photo too. Hope you and the girls had a great Christmas and New Year.  (02.16.10 - 8:10PM)

Daniel Zihlmann | Great stuff, Bob! My favorite is the last one. Beautiful light and black & white. Can't wait that you rock Switzerland! :)  (02.11.10 - 11:00AM)

kristie blake hancock | OMW...GORGEOUS....beautiful lighting!!!! miss u both terribly  (02.10.10 - 9:42PM)

Jen Badalamenti | I love this session you guys!! The lighting is amazing! You guys seriously rocked this session!  (02.06.10 - 4:06PM)

Harmony Loves | these are gorgeous! and timeless!!! great job! :)  (01.31.10 - 5:10PM)

Rachel Jacobus | OMGosh! the first cab picture is my favorite FAVE!!! <3xoxo  (01.31.10 - 12:21PM)

Melissa Jean | these are fantastic! I especially love the one of their feet with the couple walking in the background. great job!!  (01.31.10 - 8:35AM)

Fola Adewole | So awesome...the lighting class is such a great idea...Bob is such a master of light. I think its so awesome you are passing it on to your beautiful kids....Love the pictures as always  (01.29.10 - 10:05AM)

Ashley V. Photography | your work is absolutely AMAZING! I love the taxi cab creative!  (01.27.10 - 12:52PM)

John Naccarato | I remember seeing these images a few days ago and just now saw your facebook video on how you shot them. This was such a treat to get my mind thinking of creative things, and you providing the knowhow on how to reach those goals. Thank you for sharing your god-given talent with the rest of us.  (01.27.10 - 1:29AM)

Deyla Huss Photography | Awesome job on these! I love the second imagem superb backlighting!!  (01.26.10 - 12:21AM)

Emily Hayes | I LOVE the taxi shots! Great job!  (01.25.10 - 8:24AM)

Armin | Fantastic light work, I really like the taxi shots!  (01.25.10 - 7:47AM)

BOB DAVIS | I must give credit where credit is due. Dawn, the love of my life, completes my vision with her amazing post productions skills, Bobby D. who was the perfect lighting assistant and our wonderful, up for anything couple, Lacey & Pat. Thanks for choosing Dawn and I to capture your memories. By the way that was not dust, but misty rain. Cheers Bob  (01.25.10 - 1:48AM)

Kenny Kim | Great set of images guys! I love the backlit shots where you can see the dust in the air. I think that should be Bob's money shot! :) Love it. Only Bob can make a cab stay still to take those awesome shots. Good times!  (01.25.10 - 1:06AM)

Edward Weiland | Fantastic shoot! I love the shot with reflection of the theater in the window! Super creative!!!  (01.25.10 - 12:48AM)

Christine Bentley | Oh I love these! WOW! I love how the taxi with the Yahoo sign above them! What a lucky couple! How fun! Gorgeous couple and amazing photographer! XXOO  (01.25.10 - 12:43AM)