ruthie | Great entry! I too do not watch too much TV, but hear about things through Internet and such. What happened in Haiti is devastating and it also kinda hit closer because I have been there for work many times. But I love how the world is banding together to help and I love all the stories of people still alive under the rumble, etc. I continue to pray. And I thank you and your family for your help and pray that others follow suit. I know that what I gave is not a lot, but I believe every bit counts. As for Doctors Without Borders, what a wonderful organization. It came into existence due to a horrible war -- The Biafran War -- but has helped so many people during the years. Such a blessing to the world! I do know what you mean about Angelina and Brad and I'm thankful that they are in the world and are helping like they do. People will always say negative things, but as long as people are helped, I think we can tune the haters out. God's blessings to you!  (01.24.10 - 6:18PM)