DAWN DAVIS | Kristie, remember when we said we were going to dance all over St. Kitts like this. I think we did on the boat but I think that was after too many rum runners! LOL!!! I still want to do this all over the world. Matt had Stride gum, maybe the 5 Hour Engergy drink can sponsor our tour???? One can always dream!!! I should put this on my vision board. xoxoxo ~ Dawn  (01.08.10 - 6:48PM)

Patricia Epps | I wish I had seen this before I went to Aruba, lol, maybe my next trip - this is sooo wonderful! Thanks for sharing!  (01.08.10 - 4:51PM)

Todd Pinckney | This is unreal! Love the transition from him to everyone starting to dance with him. Thanks a lot for sharing!  (01.08.10 - 11:09AM)

Otto Rascon | There is NOTHING like seeing a bunch of people just dancing and having a great time, even if the dancing is bad :) Thanks for sharing this. I know what I will be doing this weekend... Rock on guys!  (01.08.10 - 10:19AM)

Calvin Hill | I love seeing this vide. Thanks for sharing and reminding of this sweet video.  (01.07.10 - 10:41AM)

Alicia Swedenborg | hihihi, l.o.v.e. it! thanks for making me smile first thing in the morning. :)  (01.07.10 - 4:31AM)

Christine | Holy Bejesus! That is A LOT of places! I've seen a lot of really cool videos recently, but I have to say this one had the most impact. Truly remarkable. And I am going to go dance like this to my kids before tucking them into bed tonight. They already think I'm crazy, so the new dance moves will fit right in.  (01.06.10 - 9:05PM)

Aida Krgin | So good to start my day with a big smile on my face. Thanks Dawn. Miss you girlie.  (01.06.10 - 5:19AM)

Armin | Oh YES, I remember those videos my Matt dancing around the world. Totally awesome!! LOL  (01.05.10 - 8:25PM)

DAWN DAVIS | I know.... I love it! I want to do this everywhere!!!!!  (01.05.10 - 8:23PM)

Troy Woods | THIS IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!  (01.05.10 - 8:20PM)