kristie blake hancock | xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxox  (02.10.10 - 9:49PM)

sharon snow | Your card is amazing! SO creative, and such a beautiful family.  (01.23.10 - 12:17AM)

Emily Hayes | I love this!! Officially the cutest family Christmas card ever!!  (12.29.09 - 8:38AM)

Kenny Kim | Hands down the best Christmas cards I got this year - I'm not being bias but seriously love their creativity that you guys come up w/ all the time! :)  (12.28.09 - 10:14PM)

Deyla Huss Photography | What a FABULOUS card! so fun!  (12.27.09 - 6:30PM)

DAWN DAVIS | I love you guys!!! Thank you for all your sweet comments about our card. It was fun designing the card but even more fun taking the photos. As our kids grow older, they are becoming easier to photograph. I guess they are understanding what a bribe is!!! LOL!!! Merry Christma, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone!!!  (12.27.09 - 2:52PM)

Roxanne Benton | AWESOME CARD!!! Fantastic with the stories - I love it! Now we should get the Sock Monkey together with our P2C Ducks! *snerk* LOVE, Roxanne  (12.27.09 - 12:32PM)

Mark Stagi | Super cute! Love the little stories makes it so much more personal  (12.27.09 - 12:40AM)

Nancy Remling | These are so darling you guys!! What a gorgeous family you have!! I want on your mailing list. :) I will reciprocate. :)  (12.26.09 - 8:42PM)

Grace Kim | I always LOVE receiving your Christmas cards! Thanks for blessing me and so many others with your encouragement, love, and beautiful smiles! xoxo  (12.26.09 - 8:27PM)

stacy able | Just beautiful! Love the color, photos, and FUN it expresses.  (12.26.09 - 4:38PM)

theresa choi | Aw, these are so cute! Did Bob grow out his mustache? Matches his hat, lol! Happy holidays to the Davis family! :D  (12.26.09 - 3:24PM)

Mary H | Oh what fun...I especially like seeing more then just one pictures of your precious family. Merry Christmas!  (12.26.09 - 3:09PM)

Lara | I know I said this before, but these are so darling! Dawn, you did a great job designing them and the pics you used for each person are so perfect!  (12.26.09 - 2:39PM)

Lawrence Chan @tofurious | Smitten for mittens!  (12.26.09 - 2:22PM)