Arline Beets | Love, Love, Love this shot. It send chills up my spine.  (10.06.09 - 6:57PM)

Danny Kash | A M A Z I N G!  (09.17.09 - 1:46PM)

Cindy Schultz | breathtaking, magical, amazing!  (09.16.09 - 1:29PM)

MattDJ | Dawn, your expertly written posts are a breath of fresh air. LOVE the new motto. I'm writing it down for my daily reminder. :-)  (09.14.09 - 8:42PM)

Davis Dawn | Crystal & Ron, I can't wait for you to see all your images. They are spectacular!!! You guys know how to bring it on baby!!! You have such a beautiful family. We just adore you both so much. Many hugs!!!!! oxoxxoxo ~ Dawn  (09.08.09 - 8:16PM)

Tami Sanning | This is the most incredible image EVER! I can't wait to see the rest of Crystal and Ron's images from Maui. Dawn and Bob, you both are such an inspiration to me. Thank you.  (09.08.09 - 7:20PM)

Crystal | When I think back to Maui it brings a smile to my face... but when i think back to Maui while seeing my phots you took, it brings a smile and then I cry because you truly captured everything. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!  (09.08.09 - 3:27PM)

juanita | Hi guys you both inspire me very day. When i think i just cant cope i check out your site and the images you give your clients keeps me in the game. Ps that letter is amazing it would bring a tear to your eye.  (09.06.09 - 3:36PM)

YAZY | WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The image is as amazing as your words. Thank you for sharing all the beauty you guys have.  (09.05.09 - 10:20PM)

peter bang | thanks for sharing Dawn!  (09.04.09 - 10:04PM)

Armin | This is a great post especially in these tough times. And what an amazing image from Hawaii!  (09.04.09 - 7:09PM)