John Parli | Wow! That's super super cool! Well done : )  (05.01.12 - 3:16PM)

Dawn Davis | Hi Jennie, Congratulations on your upcoming adoption!!! We waited a long time time from beginning to end trying to start a family and it's so hard... but always worth the wait and every single bucket of tears cried. I'm not sure how to answer your question other than to say we prayed a lot. The first year our kiddos were home near broke us but thank the good Lord through much prayer, we survived. I'm not going to lie, it was difficult for us, because we had never been parents before, we had a 3.5 & 4.5 year old instantaneously. We both talked about parenting skills for a long time but when it came down to it, we were so far on the opposite ends of the earth when they finally came home. Our biggest struggle to this day is finding balance. Now that our kids are teenagers, it's much easier as they are more self sufficient but the bigger they get, the more they get involved in, like sports, etc.... oh and trouble... let's not forget that part. Bob and I both work from home and run our business full time but we split our responsibilities pretty well and we have it done for now. I'm not a photographer, I'm the Creative Director and run the business. We have a 2nd shooter team, so that's always helpful. We fly my mom in from Florida when we need her to help with the kids while the kids are in school. They travel with us when they are not. Finding your balance is just something you will figure out as time goes by. Like I said......... we prayed A LOT! Congratulations again... everything will work out beautifully. It always does. ~ Dawn  (03.20.12 - 5:58PM)

Jennie S. | My husband and I are in the process of adopting a 6 year old boy. We have waited for him for over 5 years, and are now so excited to have an addition to our family. We went the domestic route, which cost near nothing, but was still not without its hardships. My one question for you is: How do you and Bob still work while having kids. We are a small wedding photography company in Canada and I find it hard thinking of this years weddings coming up and wondering how it is going to work :s  (03.20.12 - 5:45PM)

Julie Renee | Oh my word, this just brought me to tears. As someone who hopes to adopt sometime in the near future, this just makes my heart smile. Congratulations on your incredible family.  (03.15.12 - 11:25PM)

Kristy Dickerson | Dawn... I didn't know this.. and oh my goodness the video. Gorgeous precious family! And I love the tradition photo... so special!  (03.15.12 - 10:34PM)

Troy Woods | Wow you guys this is GREAT!!!! I remember seeing the video when we were in Italy a couple of years ago. They are so big now!  (03.13.12 - 8:17AM)

Dawn Davis | Oh my gosh, THANK YOU SO MUCH! God is so good... all the time. Thank you all for your sweet words. They made our day!!! Thank you for taking the time to read our story!  (03.08.12 - 8:58PM)

Emilia Jane | Oh my gosh Dawn the video is too precious!  (03.08.12 - 8:59AM)

Karen Allen | What an INCREDIBLY awesome story and encouragement!! My husband and I have talked a LOT about adopting and I always love seeing and hearing about other families who have done so. I know God has placed it on our hearts for our future. Your kids have grown up beautifully and I love the every year picture! So awesome! God is so good!!  (03.08.12 - 7:30AM)

Lisa Gia Bascomb | What a wonderful story and beautiful family! All four of you are blessed to have one another. Thank you for sharing!  (03.08.12 - 3:18AM)