Fotopromedia fotografia | Absolutely amazing series. Such beautiful details, and great moments captured. Awesome as usualÂ… :)  (03.26.12 - 2:50PM)

Jana Marler | What a stunning dress! And the couple and their families/friends look so fantastic. The details... flawless! This looks like a dream wedding down to the last detail. What a neat couple!!  (01.13.12 - 3:10PM)

Troy Woods | I love what you all did with this wedding! Perfect! I can see the creativity was flowing!!!  (12.26.11 - 3:25PM)

kristie blake | gorgeous vibrant details!!! love the images....stunning!!! love you guys!!! xxxooooooo  (12.14.11 - 3:56PM)

Melinda Bunker | What a blast and what amazing shots Bob created!! You two are the best!! xoxo  (12.06.11 - 5:17PM)

John Naccarato | Looked like a beautiful and fun wedding. You captured it brilliantly as usual and I love the lighting :)  (11.27.11 - 2:30PM)

Dawn Davis | How blessed are we to have had this opportunity to photograph a dream southern chic wedding with more amazing details than we could possibly ever photograph in one day? Tiffany + Miles are so gracious and beautiful. Everyone involved made this a day that will never be forgotten!!!! Bob and I made some life long friends and we are forever grateful..!  (11.17.11 - 3:50PM)

jen | unforgettable, my friends. :) thanks for one of the best times of my life! the images are spectacular and i love you both, dawn & bob!  (11.17.11 - 1:06PM)

Trace + Dee @ 37 Frames | Learnt more from you both in 3 days than we have in the past 3 years. Stunning photos, fabulous couple, a venue beyond our wildest dreams... Thank you so very much xxx T+D  (11.17.11 - 10:33AM)

Dee | Ohhhh Dawn! I am breathless! These are soooo beautiful. Love. Them. All. Being part of this incredible workshop (and included sooooo warmly) was such a lovely experience and has changed our lives & business in so many ways. I would recommend a Bob & Dawn LOVE STORY Workshop to anyone!! It was beyond our expectations. The stunning imagery says it all. You still had me at the tree. Thank you is simply not enough...So fabulous. Love always from Tokyo x x x D & T  (11.17.11 - 7:17AM)

Dawn Davis | Linda, Thank you again, a million thank yous for your sweet hospitality and for accommodating all of us on a very hectic wedding week!!!! I can't wait to be back to photograph another wedding..... a girl can dream!!! oxoxxo ~ Dawn  (11.16.11 - 7:01PM)

Linda @ Cedarwood | How thrilling to see these photos on your blog. Ace Photography is dear to us, and we rememeber being introduced to your work as celebrity photographers by Arline. Thanks for the red carpet treatment of Tiffany and Miles' Cedarwood wedding! Super job! We hope you'll return to Cedarwood for another Southern Chic wedding!  (11.16.11 - 6:50PM)