Diego Molina | What a beautiful engagement session. Amazing lighting!!!  (10.31.11 - 10:44PM)

Charlotte Wedding Photographers | I love the photo of them on the track. Great job.  (10.21.11 - 2:49PM)

Suzy G | Beautiful. Such a gorgeous couple and such stunning photographs.  (09.09.11 - 8:41AM)

Dani Davila | Love your work! Inspirational!  (08.29.11 - 8:00AM)

Candice Brumm | I love these!! Stunning!  (08.03.11 - 5:12PM)

Brooke Summer Photography | What a cool overhang with the pattern! (Overhang, bridge, whatever the heck it's called! ;)) Gorgeous photos, I love the one when he picked her up!  (08.02.11 - 1:04PM)