Jana Marler | So sexy!  (01.13.12 - 3:13PM)

Cathy and David | That is the craziest amount of flashes I have EVER seen. WOW.  (11.10.11 - 4:29PM)

Diego Molina | Great Job.. I bet everyone enjoyed the workshop!!  (10.31.11 - 10:46PM)

Gary Maltz | Amazing Work! Thanks for sharing  (08.19.11 - 4:49PM)

Danielle Murphy | Your work is amazing and inspiring. I got your book and am ready to really take my work to the next level. Great book!  (08.13.11 - 9:21AM)

Sarasota Wedding Photography | WoW!!! I am loving these images. Amazing work. Thank-you for sharing.  (08.08.11 - 11:59AM)

Mindy | Great workshop. Wish I could have made it. I love the shot of the plane taking off. Great timing.  (07.26.11 - 2:56PM)

Jenn Gaudreau | These look awesome!!!!! You guys are amazing!! So fun to be a part of this. xoxo  (07.25.11 - 5:47PM)

Dawn Davis | Thanks Brooke! I really wanted to do a vintage look on these because of the outfits and airplanes, but I just loved the color so much! xoxox ~ Dawn  (07.22.11 - 2:07PM)

Brooke Summer Photography | Wow, amazing photographs! I love all of the color. So many photographers are going vintage and washed out right now... and we're missing out on the fabulous color, like you guys show off! Love it. :)  (07.22.11 - 1:50PM)