Robin Arnold | What a blessing to see these images and read your words! I have been so behind on keeping up with blogs and took a moment this morning to check in with my dear friend Dawn. Your faith in our Heavenly Father and love for your family is so inspiring. Love to you : )  (05.24.11 - 7:45AM)

Nathan | What a great story and wonderful photos to remember that beautiful day!  (05.18.11 - 8:46AM)

LJP Los Angeles | These images are amazing! Great composition and lighting techniques. Keep up the great work!  (04.28.11 - 2:56PM)

Dawn Davis | Darling, I adore you and always LOVE reading your kind words. You make my heart sing! Lisette, Thank you so much!!! Odalys, Thank you so much for stopping by our blog and leaving such great comments!!! I have to admit, the balancing act isn't always easy. You couldn't be more right, the older kids get the more focused we need to be. Some days are much better than others. Let's just say, we pray a lot. God bless! ~ Dawn  (03.30.11 - 9:10PM)

Odalys Mendez | These photos are so fun and real! You have a beautiful family... I would love to hear how you balance family and work. I have founf that the older the kids get, the more focused I need to be in their lives, just wondering how it works having two teens and being a successful wedding photographer.  (03.30.11 - 8:40PM)

Lissette Q | Such a heartfelt post. LOVED IT!!!!  (03.11.11 - 12:15PM)

Darling Paumen | Dawn, you are such an amazing lady with so much love for your family and for others. Thank you for sharing the amazing images. GORGEOUS IMAGES AND GORGEOUS FAMILY! Darling :)  (03.04.11 - 8:35PM)