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Posted by Dawn  -  06.28.15

Weddings, Photographers, Workshops

Real Wedding Workshop | Lauren & Justin | Day 1

Workshop Venue: Ritz-Carlton Reynolds Plantation
Rehearsal Dinner: Sandy Creek Barn
Rehearsal Dress: Diane Von Furstenberg
Daywear Dress: Lilly Pulitzer
Daywear Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Evening Shoes: Betsy Johnson
It was a cold January night, the stars were so bright, and Lauren and Justin were game when Bob asked them if they were up for an adventure! They braved the weather and this is one of the images that he captured. One of my favorite images from the day!

One may ask "What is a Real Wedding Workshop?" That is such a great question! I've posted all about this experience in our last Real Wedding Workshop post that you can read HERE. If you type in "Real Wedding Workshops" in the "Search Us" tab up at the top by our logo, you will be able to see the all the posts from our past workshops.

Where to begin is the question, always way too much to say! This post is about our 6th Real Wedding Workshop at the Ritz-Carlton Lodge Reynolds Plantation where we spent 3 glorious days basking in the beauty on property, under the star filled skies, with our gorgeous bride and groom, Lauren and Justin. They happen to be best friends with Jenni and Stevn, who was our 5th Real Wedding Workshop bride and groom. Lauren was also one of Jenni's bridesmaids. Because of that experience, Lauren and Justin and their family were all on board the crazy train! I know, it's so confusing but stay with me.

Day one, we began the morning with Bob reviewing gear, light modifiers and radio triggers (all the super fun and exciting stuff), then we headed out to photograph Lauren and Justin, engagement session style, out on "The Landing" and in "The Forest" on the Ritz property. It's such a gorgeous backdrop for photos. This is where everyone begins shooting by pushing speedlights to their limits, using high speed sync, and combining speedlights in conjunction with their radio triggers.

One would think having 19 photographers taking your photos would be a little intimidating but for Lauren and Justin having already experienced this with Jenni and Stevn, this was a piece of cake... true pros! Lauren is a southern belle, fashion & lifestyle blogger, a super sweet Georgia peach who is always dressed to perfection! She wore the cutest Lilly Pulitzer dress and Christian Louboutin shoes. And Justin, well he's a Southern gentleman who loves his belle, just look at the way he smiles at her. A match made in heaven!

Later that evening, we all got dolled up and headed off to photograph their rehearsal dinner at the Sandy Creek Barn, which is so fabulous! I mean... just wait till you see the images! Lauren wore the most fabulous Diane Von Furstenberg dress and the cutest Betsy Johnson boots! The guitarist played throughout the evening and their friends gave the best speeches, the love in the room was contagious! A big thank you to Justin's gorgeous mom, Laurie, for making sure we all got to eat. Thank you, thank you... everything was delicious and the day was perfect!

I have to mention, Bob and I had the most amazing group of photographers join us on this adventure. A huge thank you to Jensen Bell, Pam Bell, Whitney Bower, Marisa Carey, Christina Corneau, Melissa Del Vecchio, Greg & Theresa Favello, Jasleen Kaur, Chrissy Kruger-Gruendyke, Greg Moran, Sebastian Orr, Felix Peter, Shayla Samples, and Rochelle Wilhelms for joining us in the ever so crazy 3 day weekend. You invested and believed in us and we can't thank you enough. We truly want to see each of you succeed so always know that we are here for you if you ever have any questions.

What would we do without our team? Our Operations Manager, Michele, for being our rock and getting us organized for this workshop. There is so much behind the scenes logistics that is involved when preparing for a workshop, especially a destination one, it just wouldn't be possible without her. We love you girlie so much! Then we have Tracey Taylor and Dee Green who also assisted us with our workshop. They are talented Nikon shooters who came all the way from Japan to help us. We met them at our 3rd Real Wedding Workshop in Nashville, and these beauties have become dear friends. Without this team, this workshop would not have been successful. Bob and I are forever grateful.

So, this is Day 1. Look for 2 more posts about Day 2 and Day 3 from this Real Wedding Workshop. We hope that you can experience how incredible this adventure was for us all through our photos! Enjoy!


~ Dawn and Bob

Lauren and Justin both attended the University of Florida and graduated the same year, in 2009, but didn't officially meet until after college in 2011 when they were both living in Tampa, FL. As you can tell, they are both Gator fans by the 5' long Gator cake wearing a University of Florida helmet! Love, love, love!!!!

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