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Posted by Dawn  -  08.31.09

Photographers, Workshops

Davis Love Story Photography Workshop | The Results

Finally, some amazing results from our DAVIS LOVE STORY WORKSHOP in Bel Air, MD. Again, we were blessed indeed with a fabulous group of attendees from all over the country! THANK YOU so much for coming from near and far to hang with us for 2 days! The images I've seen come from you all were mind blowing and I can't wait to feature them on our NEW workshop website.

Bob and I decided we would make this a family road trip from Chicago to Maryland. So the four of us hit the road and didn't look back. It was Bob's idea to stop at every state "Welcome To" sign and take a picture. That was actually fun. I twittered our entire trip there. Every ten minutes we had to pull over because Bob wanted to snap a few photos or someone had to use, well, you know! Needless to say, it took us 3 days to get there! We did stop in Cincinnati, Ohio to visit with my brother. I'm so glad we did that. Thank you Scotty for spending time with us!

By the time we made it to Maryland, we arrived at the home of the Hancock family.... tired and exhausted. Our dear friend Kristie of Kristie Blake Photography and her husband, Shane, took us in and treated us like family. Kristie, was one of our Vegas Love Story workshop attendees turned greatest friend...!!! We have vacationed together many times since then. Oh the fun! This trip, we decided that before the workshop started we would drag our families to New York for quite the adventure. We had a blast!!! Thank you guys for opening your home to us and for your treasured friendship. We love you to pieces!

The workshop began with a meet and greet at Kristie's home. I absolutely LOVED meeting everyone! Even some wonderful people who weren't attendees came a long way just to meet us. Thank you! As you can tell from the photos, we had a wild bunch... beginning with Kristie!!! The next 2 days Bob spent sharing techniques on how to master their flash and work with strobes. We also shared our workflow from capture to output. We spoke a lot about marketing and sales. We can't stress enough how important it is to sell yourself as opposed to your photography. Bob and I are big into vision boards so I designed one for each of our attendees. I think they were a big hit...! Use them well everyone, nurture them and they will be good to you!

Thank you to all our new friends. You believed in us. We believe in you. We are a perfect fit! Bob and I want so much to see you succeed. Please know that we are always here for you if you have questions or need us for anything!

We can't thank Kristie enough for helping us out with this workshop! And our dear friend, Armin DeFiesta who scouted most of the models... and Kristie too! And having Dave Piazza from FJ Westcott at our workshop was a real treat!!! This workshop was a success because of all of you! We couldn't have done this without your help!

Life is a journey, only you hold the map...

xoxoxox ~ Dawn and Bob


Now for the good stuff...


Meet Bambi and Ontel. They were so much fun and truly brought it every photo. Thank you so much you guys!!! We can't wait to see the images Kristie and Theresa capture at your wedding.

And our sweet friends, Kelli Marsh and Tomas Flint, who drove all the way from Rochester, NY to model for us. We love you guys and it was so awesome getting to spend some quality time with you!!!

Our beautiful Reanna Nagel who looked stunning in her gown. Armin was blessed to photograph her wedding not too long ago!

The beautiful Samantha Saladino and David Irving. They did such a great job for all our photographers. Thank you!

This is a close up photo Kristie took of the vision boards we gave to everyone. I love the quotes this board had! Everyone received a board that was unique for them. To read Kristie's beyond amazing blog post from our workshop, click here.

And now for some behind the scenes at the meet and greet. Meet the wild and crazies!!!

1. Bob... just being Bob.
2. Armin DeFiesta, Troy Woods, and Bob.
3. Peter Bang, Armin DeFiesta, Kristie Hancock, and Noah Hayes.
4. Armin and Kristie.

Peter, Troy and Noah were just here for the meet and greet. It was so awesome to finally meet them!

1. Helga Schafer, Julia MacInnis and Meaghan Elliot.
2. I'm not sure who that is! ; )
3. Fole Adewole
4. Armin, Kenny Kim, Kristie, and Noah.

Julia came a loooong way to meet us. I'm SO HAPPY she did. Thank you Julia.... you rock girl...!

1. Jenn Gaudreau, our hippy fairy princess.
2. Arline Beets and me.
3. Arline, Fola and me.
4. Kristie and her sweet hubby, Shane.

1. Julia and me.
2. Todd Pinckney, Armin, Shane, and George Place.
3. Ed Cicenas, me, Helga and Cassey Golden.
4. Jenn, Kristie and me.

1. Cassey and me.
2. Kristie, me, Todd and Jenn.
3. Kristie, George and me.
4. me and Matt. I think I was heavier than he expected... LOL!

Here's the crazies! Well, most of them. Unfortunately Danny & Loreta Kash didn't make it to our meet and greet due to a car accident. Thank the good Lord they were okay. It was Loretta's birthday this night and we had a surprise cake for her. We celebrated it at the workshop instead. And our sweet friends Theresa Choi and Winona Varnon couldn't make it either. We miss al you guys this night!


Not all our attendees have websites but here are some of them!

Todd Pinckney |
Kristie Blake Hancock |
Danny Kash & Loretta Ray |
Cassey Golden |
Jenn Gaudreau |
Ed Cicinas |
Armin DeFiesta |
Arlene Beets |
Fola Adewole |
Matthew Lin |
Theresa Choi |
Meaghan Elliot |
Helga Schaefer...
George Place.... new website coming soon!
Rinske Wagenaar... website coming soon... I hope!

And for the final photo of the day.... Kristie & Shane's two little girls who always had their hands in mine. I love you Alex and Emmy!


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