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Posted by Dawn  -  07.21.09

Photographers, Workshops

Davis Love Story Photography Workshop | We're At It Again



Yes, we are at it again. Or should I say Bob is at it again? I said "no workshop". He said "OK, no workshop". Phewwwww... they are a lot of work! Then we had a tremendous response to our last workshop and all kinds of love spilling all over the place. Next, a dear friend of ours, Kristie Hancock, called Bob and together they collaborated and said "yes to a workshop... and Dawn won't have to do a thing. We'll do it all." Dawn happily agreed and violĂ ... we're having a workshop. Except how could I not be involved. I love meeting new people, I love sharing our knowledge and passion for photography and design, I love being inspired by others... I love when we have workshops!

We're headed to the Baltimore area, to be exact... Bel Air, MD, close to DC, NYC, Philly, conveniently located off the corridor of Interstate 95.

July 29-30, 2009 with a meet and greet on the 28th. Only a few seats left! Don't wait too long to sign up!


~ Dawn

To find out more about our workshop, click HERE

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Posted by Dawn  -  07.18.09

Photographers, Workshops

Davis Love Story Photography Workshop | The Promo Video

To quote one of our upcoming workshop attendees, Fola Adewole, we are "superdeliciously awesomely, amazingly excited" to share a glimpse of our last DAVIS LOVE STORY WORKSHOP with this AMAZING, beyond words, promo video created by the talented Anton Lorimer of Lorimer Works. Thank you Anton, you never cease to amaze us! And thank you to all of our fabulous new friends who attended our last workshop and for the love you gave to us in this video! You guys rock!

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Posted by Dawn  -  07.11.09

Photographers, Workshops

Davis Love Story Photography Workshop | The Results

So, since we've launched our new blog, I've been obsessed with............ ha! I bet you were thinking I was going to say... filling it up with content... right? Not true, I've been obsessed with life... in general. Yes, just when I thought baseball season was over, our son Bobby made the All Stars team. Way to go Bobby!!!! Now, I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say that I was a little, ohhhh, what's the right word, ummmm, sighful... I know, that's not even a word. I asked how many more games? Seriously? Okay, okay... I'm super proud of Bobby. He's a great lil baseball player and I know one day he's going to be big time!

Okay, how about this one. Someone please tell me that I'm not the only one who feels this way! I know there has to be hundreds, maybe even thousands of business owners out there that just can't seem to find the time to get it all done. And those who blog daily, sometimes multiple times a day, make me crazy! I wake up and turn on email and see my RSS feed boasting about all kinds of blog updates, I just want to scream..... ugh! It makes me feel inadequate... and that's an understatement. HA! I secretly wish that all those bloggers, you know who you are (Kenny Kim, J*, etc.) would either get married OR have children. Then maybe my RSS feed won't be laughing at me every morning. I mean this in the NICEST of ways! Come on... tell me I'm not alone! ; )

Next up and the reason for this entry, the DAVIS LOVE STORY WORKSHOP. What an awesome 3 days it was!!! Every time Bob and I have a workshop, we pray to God that He will bless us with an amazing group of attendees... and that He did. They were all so much fun... THANK YOU to everyone who came! Bob spent the first 2 days showing everyone how to use small dedicated strobes to create the light they want in any environment and how to master their flash and camera settings. Then on day 3, Bob and I spent the day talking about the ins and outs of how to make your business thrive, and be better, faster and more efficient. I shared my Photoshop and book design knowledge. We talked about marketing and sales, and most importantly how to sell yourself and not your photography. We learned a lot in return from everyone as well. There is not one perfect way to do anything, just finding what works perfectly for you is the key!

So many people to thank! Our dear friend, Ed Weiland, I can't thank you enough for all the help you generously gave to us to make this workshop a success. Ed rounded up the models for us, and they were PERFECT! He also found a make up artist to come in, thank you, Jaycie Kurfess. Ed did so much more, I can't even begin to list it all. Thank you so much my sweet friend, you know we love you! Then there is Kenny Kim who blogged our entire workshop! He had a brilliant idea to blog the workshop from the perspective of Walter The Duck. He was hilarious!!! You can read all about our workshop on our old blog. I'm sure you will get a laugh or two from it! Then there is Roxanne Benton from Pixel2Canvas who flew all the way out from California to sponsor our workshop. Roxie, you are the bomb girl...!!!! Many thanks to GraphiStudio, FJ Westcott, and Pictage who also sponsored our workshop. We couldn't have done this without you all...!!! We thank you with every ounce of heartfelt gratitude we have!

I can't forget to thank John Rippinger who allowed us the fantastic opportunity to bring our workshop to the Schaumburg Airport. What an honor it was for all of us to be there! It was an experience that will not soon be forgotten. I also want to thank Thomas for letting us photograph our models with his beautiful 1959 Cadillac convertible. He has a slew of gorgeous antique cars and he let us chose which one we wanted. Thank you so much!

And lastly, a shout out to all of our attendees! THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming to our workshop and investing in us. We are so honored and blessed to have met you all. We know you will all thrive in the photography industry and we can't wait to see what's in store for you.

Be blessed...

xoxoxox ~ Dawn and Bob


Here are some images from the workshop, sit back and enjoy!

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