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Posted by Dawn  -  12.29.09

Personal, Photographers

Happy New Year From The Davis Family

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Posted by Dawn

12.26.09  -  Personal

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays | Our Wishes For You!

Christmas is a day to relish in the love and spirit of our dear Lord, and spend precious time with our family and friends. That we did. Although, our great niece, Delaney Lulu, was not well this week so our Christmas dinner will be celebrated tonight instead. We had a beautiful Christmas day, with my mom, dad and brother in town. For breakfast we had some yummy Williams-Sonoma croissants that were sent to us from the beautiful Benton family!!! We enjoyed them throughly... thank you Roxie, Curt, Bevan and April...!!! We love you all so much.

This year we sent out 275 Christmas cards, the list keeps growing. We are so blessed to have some wonderful friends who adore and of course a family we cherish. I wanted to share our card with everyone, so here it is. It was quite the project this year. They were die-cut in shape of a mitten. Printed on linen paper. I was going to hand tie them all together with ribbon and bow, but after I did the first few, I wanted to cry. It took forever and with 275 of them, I was a little freaked out that they wouldn't be done in time. So, I found these cute, blue, swirly, round paperclips to finish it off. It turned out so cute! Thank you Marathon Press for printing our card for us. What a fantastic job you did!!!! And lastly, thank you Kenny Kim for helping out with our family photos this year. You rock!

We hope that you all enjoyed the holidays!!! That you were warm and loved and surrounded by those you love and who love you. We pray for those who don't have families, or are struggling with the loss or health of a loved one. We keep you all close to our hearts.

May 2010 bring us all much happiness, good health, and prosperity!

All our love,

~ Bob, Dawn, Bobby and Alli, The Davis Family!

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Posted by Dawn

12.15.09  -  Personal

Happy Holidays to all our friends and family!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our friends and family. Thank you for all your love and support over the years. We are so grateful.

May 2010 be absolutely glorious and may we all be blessed indeed!

~ Dawn & Bob


Check out our website................. IT'S SNOWING!!!

Ps: Thank you Kenny Kim for taking this photo of us!

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Posted by Bob  -  12.14.09

Giving Back, Personal

Tanzania, Africa | Thirst Relief Int'l | Mission Trip Photography

UPDATE 12/14/09: So excited to share this trailer that was just sent to us straight out of the cutting room from Anton Lorimer. He's incredibly talented and I'm so proud of of all the work he's created and the efforts we made in Tanzania for Thirst Relief International.

If you are looking for the perfect gift to give someone for the holidays, give a donation on their behalf. Make A Donation to Thirst Relief International. $5.00 goes a long way, $10.00 goes even further, etc... For the price of a Starbucks latte, you can make a huge difference in the lives of many people.

Stay tuned.... more to come!

ORIGINALLY POSTED: 12/02/09: Hey everyone, Bob here. First time I've blogged in a long time. Dawn is usually the blogger, when she's not busy multi-tasking everything else in our lives. I'm not sure how I would do this all without her. Thank you Lulu. I love you more than words could ever say!

The last couple of months have been a whirlwind for us. Dawn & I left for New York in the middle of October and I didn't make it back home until well into November. More than 3 weeks away from home is way too long. I think my beautiful kiddos grew 2 inches while I was gone. It was hard on us all for me to be away from my family like this, but the journey was very eventful.

After I left Dawn in New York, I headed to Tuscany, Italy to attend a workshop with Gene Higa and Jose Villa. It was an incredible experience and I met many wonderful photographers who inspired me deeply. Dawn blogged a few images in the last entry HERE on our blog.

From Italy I headed to Tanzania, Africa, with a pretty cool layover in Dubai. I met up with Kenny Kim, Anton Lorimer, and Jim Davis-Hicks, the President of Thirst Relief International. We were there to collaborate on a video documentary for Thirst Relief. Anton and I were there to shoot video footage with our Canon 5D MarkII cameras while Kenny Kim documented the behind the scenes with still pictures. Together, I think we captured everything we needed to make an incredible short film to help bring more awareness to Thirst Relief International.

I shot a few stills during our trip but my primary focus was making the video. I did want to share a few images here. Anton is busy editing the film and we all can't wait to share that with the world. He's incredibly talented and I know he will do this project justice. I believe God has big plans for Thirst Relief. Big plans! For a more in-depth, behind the scenes look at our trip, check out Kenny Kim's blog. I'd also like to send a huge thank you to Jim Collins, Simon Anderson, Scott Anderson & Deb Gerson at Pictage for your generous support in making this trip possible. And to end this post with the most special thank you to God for wrapping your arms around us all, guiding us through this journey, and bringing us home safely to our families. THANK YOU!




For more information about making a donation or donating your time:

Thirst Relief International
Make A Donation

Any donation is appreciated, even with $5.00 you can make a difference in people's lives. Dawn & I believe the more you give, the more you have!

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Posted by Dawn

12.03.09  -  Personal

Top Knots Photo Contest | Please vote for our image!

As many of you know, we had the huge honor to photograph Sarah & Brent's wedding in St. Simons Island last October and not only did we photograph their wedding, we had 15 photographers assist us. It was SO FUN!!! I want to blog about it but for certain publication reasons, I can not right now.

I do want to share with you all this photo from their wedding as we've entered it into the Top Knots photography contest. We would be so honored if you would vote for Sarah & Brent. We adore this image of them and hope you will too! We'd love your vote!!!

Here's the link to the photo:

Thank you so much! xoxoxo ~ Dawn & Bob

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Posted by Dawn  -  11.02.09

Personal, Photographers

Davina Fear | Dawn Davis | Women & Business Interview

Back in mid August, I was contacted by Davina Fear (pictured below) to be part of her Woman & Business series. At first, I thought she was emailing the wrong Dawn Davis and even asked her if she meant me. Hilarious... why would SHE want to do an interview on me? She is the one I should be interviewing and blogging about. She is amazing!

This is how Davina described her series when she asked if I would participate...

"The series features mostly women who are being moms and entrepreneurs. I have guest bloggers that share their hints, tips, and/or thoughts for business, business and life, motherhood, photography, or something that you specialize in. Typically, I try to have one guest each week.

I would like for women in general to be inspired, motivated, moved, and connected by the series. However, my main interest is to have women who are trying to balance motherhood and business come away feeling that other women share their struggles as well as give them ideas for how to juggle all of the different aspects of their lives."

Well, after my disbelief, I went to town on a series of questions she had prepared for me. And here is what came from the interview...

Davina Fear + Dawn Davis = Women & Business (click here)

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Posted by Dawn

10.30.09  -  Personal

Album Photography & Design | Jamrose

It seems these last couple of months have been a whirlwind. I mean they are always crazy around here but whoa... just unusually busy lately. Bob shot some amazing weddings, we did a workshop in St. Simons Island where 15 wonderful photographers photographed Sarah & Brent's wedding with Bob. I can't wait to blog that...! We've been to New York for the PhotoPlus expo and now Bob is hitting it hard in Italy with Gene Higa & Jose Villa at their workshop. Rough life, I know. Me, I get to hunker down with the kids, run the business, help with homework, and taxi the kids back and forth to Sylvan, Soccer and Taekwondo.

Tonight, I'd like to invite everyone out to a CD Release party. I know, I know... way late notice but better late than never. We had a fantastic opportunity to photograph a new up and coming band, JAMROSE. Nicole Jamrose and Mark Soljacich just released their first CD, called U-Turn. Bob took the photos and I designed the CD.

You may have heard me talk about Mark Soljacich, he wrote and recorded a song called "Follow Your Dreams" for us to include in a book we designed for Forest Whitaker when he won the Oscar for the movie, The Last King of Scotland. Mark and Nicole wrote some incredible songs for their new CD. Check out their new Showit website JAMROSE and preview their song "Fall Out of Love".

Hope to see you at the CD Release Party tonight! This Must Be The Place, 206 Main Street, Lemont, IL. Show starts at 9pm.

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Posted by Dawn

09.04.09  -  Personal

Our New Motto : : What if.............. it all works out.

Bob and I subscribe to Rick Warren's daily email blast called PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE. Thanks to Roxie at Pixel2Canvas for introducing me to him. If you want to subscribe, click here. There are days when I receive the email and I read it and not truly connect with it. Then there are emails like today that make my heart skip a beat as if it was written with "Dear Dawn and Bob" in mind.

Today's email was about "Start With The Faith You Have" and it reads:

Is it possible to be filled with faith and doubt at the same time? Yes! You can have faith that God wants you to do something and still be scared to death. Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is going ahead and doing what you're called to do in spite of your fear. You have to begin with the faith you already have; it may be just a little, but you start there. A beautiful example of this is the story of the man who brought his sick son to Jesus in Mark 9. Jesus looked at the man and said, "I can heal your son. If you will believe, I will heal him." The father then makes a classic statement: "Lord, I do believe. Help me overcome my unbelief." Have you ever felt like that? "Lord, I have some faith. But I also have some doubts." This man was filled with faith and doubt, yet despite his honest doubts, he went ahead and asked Jesus for a miracle. And he got his miracle - Jesus healed his son. Mustard seed faith moves mountains. No matter how weak or how frail you think your faith is, it's enough to get you through what you're facing because your "little faith" is in a big God. Matthew 17:20 says, "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed . . . Nothing will be impossible for you." That's not a lot of faith; in fact, it's just a little faith. But what else does that verse teach? "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move,' and it will move" (NIV). Mustard seed faith moves mountains. Don't get this reversed; we tend to read this verse backward; we want it to say, "If you have faith like a mountain, you can move a mustard seed" - as if it takes enormous faith to do a very little task. Everybody has faith. You had faith this morning when you ate your cereal - faith that your spouse didn't put poison in your granola! You had faith when you sat down in your computer chair - faith that it wouldn't collapse. Everybody has faith; the difference is what you put your faith in. Sometimes people will tell me they don't want to surrender to Jesus until all their questions are answered; they don't want to make a commitment until everything is understood. God wants you start with the faith you have, and based on the example of the mustard seed, you don't need a whole lot of faith to do great things for God. You just need a little. So here's a trustworthy equation: Little Faith + Big God = Huge Results! - You take your little faith; "Lord, I believe! Help me with my unbelief!" - And you place your faith in our big God. And then he'll show you how he works out huge results.


I feel like there are many times in our lives our faith is tested. Some kind of kick in the gut brings us much worry and doubt. I want every day to give that all to God and let Him deal with it. And for the most part, I can do that but it's not always easy. I thank God for those days, for reminding me what is really important... and that is our faith in Him.

A few years back, five to be exact. Bob and I had a motto and it was "If was easy, it wasn't meant for us". Once we truly realized that our minds were powerful tools and we learn to stop thinking negatively, our entire world changed. Everything. Almost instantly. It is a process, a beautiful one. Our new motto is "What if............. it all works out". Think about it... doesn't it always?

Well, I leave you with a sneak peek of a wedding Bob photographed in Hawaii, the wedding of beautiful Crystal and Ron. We are so blessed with amazing clients!

Bob and I wish you all a glorious Labor Day weekend...!

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Posted by Dawn

07.12.09  -  Personal

The Ones We Love The Most | Family

Over the Fourth of July holiday my Mom and Dad, well really my Step Dad, but he's like a real Dad to me, flew in from Florida to spend the week with us. We had such a blast with them! And we are always so sad to see them leave. Sometimes I wish I could could freeze time and live hopelessly in love and happiness forever... I'm a sucker for a fairytale! While they were in town, Bob decided we needed a family portrait at the last minute. He comes rushing through the door saying, we have to leave right now... right now! The sun is going down and I want to get a photo all of us. Follow me! We rushed to a nearby wheat field, Bob set up a huge Bruce Dorn Select 54x72 Wescott softbox with a Quantum Qflash triggered it with a Canon 580EXII strobe as the master, ETTL. Well, the wind took a great big hold of his set up and there went the family photo with all of us in it. But we did get a few good ones! Here are some of my favorites!

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