Jana Marler | Where can the dress of the girl on the horse be found?! I want that dress so bad :)  (01.13.12 - 3:19PM)

Ashlee | What a unique approach! :)  (11.27.10 - 12:55PM)

Victoria | Wow, these shots are amazing, I especially love the photos with the horse.  (11.21.10 - 6:20PM)

Ruth Silver -- Chicago Wedding Photographer | Absolutely gorgeous models! Looks like a really great workshop. I love your use of such creative props. Looks like a fun time from everyone involved.  (11.11.10 - 9:02AM)

Marc Bentley | Bob and Dawn, I can't thank you guys enough for this workshop, it was an amazing opportunity. I learned so much and can not wait to go out and put it to good use!! Love you two!!!  (11.11.10 - 12:45AM)

Cathy & Scott Erickson | Amazing like ALWAYS!! Your workshops are always 1st class!! Everything looks fabulous, oh I love the venue and the theme. Oh my gosh a white horse, so pretty!! And the models, good job! Your workshops changed our lifes; Scott and I need to come to another one of your workshops. And of course your books and videos and the app for the ipads, LOVE it!! Dawn and Bob you rock!! Miss you ... <3 xoxo  (11.09.10 - 11:22PM)

Rachel J | I cant wait to attend one of your workshops someday!! You guys always look like you have so much fun! :-)  (10.26.10 - 7:54AM)

Michele Gonzalez | Ahhhh, thank you! I can't wait to help with another workshop in the future! It was so exciting to me!  (10.25.10 - 11:07AM)