Michele Gonzalez | This session is sooooo beautiful. Great shots, Bob!!! And beautiful design, Dawn!!!  (05.16.10 - 4:22PM)

Gail | What a hot, hot, hot couple! This shoot just feels SOO like Chicago! I love the motion in that last one!  (05.07.10 - 3:54PM)

DAWN DAVIS | Busted...! Yes, Daniel you are correct. I liked the extra blur I created in Photoshop on that image! I thought it made it more interesting. xoxoxo hugs to you!  (05.03.10 - 2:54PM)

Colorado Wedding Photographer, JasonG | Fun Session - saved the best image for last. Nice work!  (05.03.10 - 2:47PM)

Daniel Zihlmann | Bob, I don't get it. There must also be some Photoshop magic going on in the last image? As not only the cars have motion blur, but also the building. But not the couple?  (05.02.10 - 1:52PM)

DAWN DAVIS | Wen, You will be getting a ton of that at our workshop in California! I'm excited to see you rock it out girlie!!! ~ Dawn  (04.30.10 - 7:10PM)

Wen | Oh..the 2nd last image -- that ever-so-delicate rim light is so sweet has "Bob Davis" all over it! I'm sorry Bob, but I might have to try some of that myself this weekend. So inspiring!  (04.30.10 - 6:13PM)

Amber | I dream about taking an image like that last one! I love them all!  (04.29.10 - 8:01PM)

Bob DAVIS | I had a fun time getting to know Tanya & Pete during their esession. They were a dream to photograph, the camera loves Tanya, but Pete loves the camera, which made for a great shoot. I love the way Pete looks at Tanya and her eyes are stunning. I can't wait to photograph their wedding this summer. I have to comment on the last image of Tanya & Pete in front of the office building on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago. This was hand held, no tripod, using the new Canon 70-200 IS II lens at 1/4 of a second to allow for the motion of the cars to become blurred. Thanks Tanya & Pete for sharing your light & love with us.  (04.29.10 - 5:16PM)

Jen Kroll | Wow... GORGEOUS couple!! Great job you two!!  (04.29.10 - 4:15PM)

Kenny Kim | I was wondering why they looked so familiar then I read your post about Bob doing their engagement surprise party! They seem like an awesome couple. They are blessed to have you as their photographer!  (04.29.10 - 3:47PM)

DAWN DAVIS | Thanks Todd.....!!!!! You're always so encouraging. xoxoxo  (04.29.10 - 3:41PM)

Todd PInckney | Great engagement session! I love the movement in the last one and the signature Bob Davis rim lighting in the second to last one. Beautiful!  (04.29.10 - 3:32PM)