Debra | Thanks - really interesting. Bobby sure does a lot of running!  (04.07.11 - 5:18PM)

Bob Davis | Hi Alan, the image with flash was shot in manual mode on camera ISO500 1/500th @ f/2.8 with the speedlites in ETTL mode triggered using the STE-2 and Radiopopper PX transmitter & receivers. Note: all this info was in the episode, but I'm happy to provide for you. Let your LIGHT shine, Bob  (06.25.10 - 10:10AM)

Alan | Found you here via DWF. Nice job with these videos. On the photo where you backlit the couple and shot from across the street, were the 580EXIIs on ETTL or manual, and at what setting.  (06.25.10 - 9:17AM)

bob Davis | Thank you, keep leaving those comments and let me know what you would like to see featured on I can light that. Share the light, Bob  (03.04.10 - 1:20PM)

DAWN DAVIS | Just posted Episode 3, showing multiple strobes with varied ratios!!!! Check it out.  (03.03.10 - 9:30AM)

Sandra Ortiz | Bob, thank you for sharing.  (03.02.10 - 11:46PM)

Monica | Wow! Wonderful information. Thanks for sharing. How about a video on using multiple strobes in ratios for dramatic flair? THanks for the insight. Monica  (03.02.10 - 11:58AM)

Curtis Copeland | Great video. Thanks for sharing and inspiring! Curtis  (03.02.10 - 11:57AM)

Heather | LOVE THIS! Thank you so much. I learned a lot!  (03.02.10 - 9:31AM)