DJ | Incredible you guys!  (05.21.10 - 12:46AM)

melissa diep | thank you for this amazing video. i was in tears the entire time watching this. thank you for educating us. i've donated before and will continue to donate. thank you for reminding us to not forget.  (02.27.10 - 3:12AM)

Jenn Gaudreau | As much as I already knew that Thirst Relief is making a difference, it's not until seeing this that I realized just what a far-reaching impact the organization really is having. I am blown away by the need- and even more by the opportunity we have to help. I love your giving hearts- thank you for sharing. Bob, the cinematography is amazing. I'm inspired by seeing what the Tanzania team put together. Truly powerful.  (02.25.10 - 11:49AM)

Gabriel Lai | Well done on the documentary... this will indeed helps the people in Tanzania in getting better quality waters.. Really a great job by all you guys! God Bless y'll!  (02.24.10 - 10:40PM)