kristie blake hancock | i love & miss my goonie family... and for the life of me...why can't i figure out how to suscribe to your blog!!!!????  (02.10.10 - 9:48PM)

Robin Arnold | Always a source of joy and inspiration. Always : )  (12.31.09 - 8:01AM)

Roxanne Benton | Of COURSE I love it! You inspire me every day with your design! And DJ - he's kinda cool too *snerk* Well done!  (12.30.09 - 11:00AM)

Gail | I love how much you two love ShowIt! I ADORE the company, the vision DJ has for our industry and oh yeah, my ShowIt site too!!!  (12.30.09 - 10:17AM)

David Jay | I love this! You guys are adorable! Happy New Year!  (12.30.09 - 10:08AM)

Lawrence Kent | Excellent job on embedding ShowIt into your blog. The Happy New Year's card looks awesome. I can see all of the hard work here.  (12.30.09 - 9:14AM)

Kenny Kim | Your design rocks! ShowIt is awesome too. I will use mine one of these days when my life slows down. :) Happy New Year guys!  (12.30.09 - 9:11AM)