kristieblakehancock | gorgeous compostition!!!!! i'm inspired!!!!  (12.14.09 - 6:11PM)

Harmony Loves | beyond stunning! gorgeous light, people, scenery and beautiful images!  (12.03.09 - 11:11PM)

Fola Adewole | I love these..they look like fineart paintings and deserve to be hung in a museum somewhere...p.s how did you do the facebook link that led back to your website...  (11.29.09 - 6:11PM)

Jo Moseley | Hi Dawn & Bob! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pics from Italy! My favorite is the "sky/clouds" shot! I immediately saw Angels in the clouds. An older female Angel holding the hand of a small child Angel. Okay, call me crazy! I just wondered if anyone else saw them? Have a very Blessed Thanksgiving!! Jo  (11.25.09 - 3:05PM)

Alicia Swedenborg | Bob - it was a pleasure to meet and shoot next to you in Italy. Your advice was unvaluable and you really helped me get the most out of our shoots. Thank you. Love the photo of Valentina shoot from above. Love it. Can't wait to meet you again, and hopefully next time also get the opportunity to meet Dawn. Big hug, Alicia  (11.23.09 - 1:28PM)

Daniel J Pesta | Oh my word Bob, what an incredible display of perfection in the photos. I love your shallow depth of field along with your mastery of light. That picture of Italy alone is award winning. You are always a visionary and improving on your craft. Amazing my friend!!  (11.19.09 - 6:54AM)

Jenn Gaudreau | WOW, Bob, these are incredible!!!!! I am continually blown away by your work! I LOVE the one of the bride by herself! Much love Bob & Dawn!!! xoxoxo  (11.18.09 - 11:34PM)

Alexandra | Wow! Your photos are so spectacular! I'm in awe :)  (11.18.09 - 8:21AM)

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MattDJ | Oh. My. Goodness!!! If it was possible for a photographer to paint with a camera, Bob would be the one to do it. Perfect and inspiring images. Where's my camera?! :-)  (11.16.09 - 3:11PM)

Pamela | My very favorites are the overview of the countryside & looking up into the clouds. They are a window into such a beautiful world. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful blog, btw...  (11.15.09 - 6:56PM)

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Melissa Schollaert | Bob- Amazing images!!! It was such a pleasure to meet you in Italy. Hope to see you soon at WPPI or another workshop! :)  (11.13.09 - 8:37AM)

Troy Woods | Bob... AMAZING. What's even more inspirational for me is to have been able to stand beside you and now see the final product. Thanks for coming. It was great spending time with you. See you and Dawn soon!  (11.13.09 - 6:35AM)

stacy able | wow bob! can not wait to see what else you captured there! That place had the most amazing light!  (11.13.09 - 6:06AM)

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