Rinske Wagenaar | Thanks again Bob and Dawn for a workshop to remember. Thank you for your kindness. You are outstanding in more ways than photography! The workshop images are awesome - I have had them beside my photos - no comparison, yours sparkle - I will continue to learn. Looking forward to attending another workshop with you in the future and hooking up with my newly found American friends again.  (09.24.09 - 9:51AM)

Daniel J Pesta | Wow, absolutely!! This is some stunning work Bob, your like Paul Mason except in Dom Perignon style. I miss you guys and can not wait to do one of the Love Storie's workshops. I hope all is well and if your ever up in Canada you have to meet Richard and Amy Mcdowell of Red Leaf Studios they are absolutely an amazing couple. I can see both of you guys finding many commonalities. Anyways I am breathless over these photos, somebody call 911!!!!  (09.06.09 - 5:27AM)

Bob | I am so humbled by all the love everyone has shared with Dawn and I. It was beyond fun! Dawn and I are so honored by the love you have shared with us and our passion for the industry. It's so infectious to see the light bulbs going off for everyone. You all inspire us to strive to always be better. To quote my mentor John H. White "good, better, best, never let it rest, until your good is better and better is best." Thank you everyone for sharing your time, ideas, and passion with us! Just because the workshop is over keep the Love going. Stay in touch with each other, bounce ideas and techniques off one another and drop us a line to share with Dawn and I what you've been up too. I'm still stoked from the exchange of energy and images from the Bel Air workshop. Each and everyone of you have challenged me through your creative spirit to "Keep on Keeping on". All my best, ~Bob  (09.04.09 - 6:20PM)

Stalker Kim | Silence... It's that gooood!!!  (09.03.09 - 9:25PM)

Danny Kash | Dawn and Bob!! I am absolutely completely unbelievably blown away by the photos Bob took! You both are such an amazing inspiration I don't even have the words to describe! Thank you so much for the love story as it gives us the confidence to create our own each time we shoot a wedding! It was such an amazing time @ the workshop! I was like a kid in a candy store with all the amazing lighting gear and the freedom of taking so many photos and most of all learning soo much from both of you!! Truly blessed to have this opportunity!!  (09.02.09 - 8:21AM)

tomas flint | what a blast! really and truly...an experience that transcends words. thank you both for opening your heads and hearts to us. we all learned so much and are forever linked by the experience. love you guys!  (09.01.09 - 12:54PM)

Fola Adewole | Yay finally we get to see the pictures, how awesome is that...It was so great meeting you guys...I totally loved the workshop...Thank you and God bless you guys...  (09.01.09 - 11:01AM)

Christine Bentley | Everyone looks like they had such a blast! How much fun! I just know that everyone got a TON of wonderful information and had the best time getting it! So glad you guys are out there teaching! XXOO....you are making your footprints in all out hearts!  (09.01.09 - 3:07AM)

kristieblakehancock | where do i start? first...i've been WAITING for these!!! we always have such a GRAND time when w're together!! oh the memories we've already made...and will continue to make. (except i don't think we'll EVER get shane back to NYC...lol) at least WE have OCT!! how about when bob called me & thought he & i could do this alone...just to give u a break??!! HAHAHAHA...oh.my.word....i can't even fathom that idea..oh boy! you & bob mesh so well together...not only as parents & spouses..but as business partners as well... i miss you lady!! alex & emmie were thrilled to see their pic up... give my "goonies' hugs from me!! xoxoxoxoxxoxox  (08.31.09 - 10:40PM)

Julia MacInnis | okay, stillllllllllllllllll sad I was not able to participate. But of course, I'll take crashing your party as 'good enough'. HIlarious pix of the meet and greet and STUNNING pix of the workshop models. You guys are SO money. XO  (08.31.09 - 10:07PM)

peter bang | fantastic images! it was great meeting both of you in person at the get together! you two are so generous.  (08.31.09 - 9:41PM)

Scarlett Lillian | Beautiful pics.... and soooo much fun!  (08.31.09 - 9:18PM)

Theresa | Dawn, it was so wonderful meeting you and Bob at the workshop! All of these images are fantastic but I'm especially blown away by the photos of Bambi and Ontel out in the rain! It seems that it was definitely worthwhile for them to endure getting wet! :) I really hope to see you and Bob soon! I really miss you guys and everyone at the workshop!  (08.31.09 - 8:53PM)

Kenny Kim | Dawn your workshop with Bob are so much fun. If I seriously didn't have to do anything else I would travel with you guys everywhere to just hang out at these workshops. :) I think I hurt my shoulders after Kristie stood on my shoulders. I'm still recovering from it. I'm bummed I had to leave early! And I can't believe you actually posted a photo of you w/ a slight double chin - which is created by the angle b/c we all know u have the best looking body in the photo industry :) ! (see 4th photo from bottom - Matthew holding you) Major goodtimes!  (08.31.09 - 8:41PM)

Yazy | There are no words to describe just how amazing you guys are! WOW!! So in love with all the images :)  (08.31.09 - 8:25PM)

Armin | What a great post Dawn! We all enjoyed having you & Bob in MD. Of course the workshop photos were stellar, and the photo booth shots were hilarious! Come back again soon!  (08.31.09 - 8:12PM)

helga | awwwwww! Beautiful images, I am just in love with you guys! XO  (08.31.09 - 8:08PM)