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Posted by Dawn  -  10.24.10

Weddings, Photographers, Workshops

Davis Love Story Photography Workshop | The Results

ONE OF OUR FAVORITE IMAGES FROM THE DAY ~ featuring Brittany Clifton!

I don't even know where to begin describing how I feel about our DAVIS LOVE STORY WORKSHOP last week at The Narnia Estates. It felt like we were on a movie set, it's so beautiful there. With the white horse, Tomas's antique car, stunning models, and the mystical fairy in the enchanted forest, it couldn't have been more beautiful.

We had the amazing Ivone DaSilva from Chicago Floral Events provide the most incredible flowers for our event. Each bride had a gorgeous bouquet, each groom had a sweet boutonniere, and the centerpiece, cute flower stems, and candelabras were to die for! We also had the fabulous All About The Dress shop provide some beautiful dresses thanks to Suzy! Thank you both for being part of our workshop!!!!

We had the most amazing group of photographers with us again from all over the country! Doug Adams, Marc Bentley, Dean Deming, Chris DuFour, Vanessa Frosch, Nic Gilskey, Melissa Gregersen, Aida Krgin, George Place, René Rivero, Holly Russell, Marianna Sayko, Erin Stefanik, Sergio Vasquez, and Yaneck Wasiek. God seems to know exactly the right people to bless us with. I've been seeing a lot of their photos pop up on their Facebook page and blogs, it's crazy cool. It has inspired me to post some of Bob's images, faster than I normally would... I'm not the fastest blogger in the world, that's for sure! Bob and I can not thank everyone enough for believing is us and investing in our workshop.

First, I have to give our Operations Manager, Michele Gonzalez, a huge, HUGE, shout out. She spent hours with me planning this workshop, wrapping soup cans with vintage papers, shopping for supplies, buying twinkle lights, organizing paperwork, coming up with some crazy cool ideas for shooting stations. She is amazing and there is no way we could have done this without her. I also have to thank Jordana Dale who is our intern this Fall season. She helped us out right alongside Michele. Love her! She organized the meals which were sponsored by our amazing vendors, Photographer's Edit, GraphiStudio, and Pixel2Canvas. Thank you to our vendors who shouted out about our workshop and supplied us with goodies to give away, Showit, FJ Wesctott, and Pictage. They rock and we without them, we wouldn't be where we are at today. Make sure to check them out! And lastly, thank you to Kenny Nakai for all your help during the workshop. You did such an amazing job capturing the details and behind the scenes, thank you! Check out his behind the scenes blog post about our workshop here. And thank you to Ed Weiland for organizing all the models, makeup artists and hair stylists. They were unbelievably amazing!

Thank you to all who made this workshop a successful. We are honored and excited by your involvement. Please know that Bob and I are here for you if there is anything we can do for you! We want so much for you all to succeed....!!!!

Life is a journey and only you hold the map...

Let's make it a wild ride!

~ Dawn and Bob


Check out some, haha...... A LOT of photos from the day!


Gigi Schiller
Kelly Conrad
Brittany Clifton
Ashlynn Raquel
Evaldas Burba
Carter Wilson

Jaycie Kurfess
Katie Prendergast
Monika Rybicka

Ohhhhhh, did Bob catch some sh*t when he did this group shot without us all there! Especially since I wanted to do one when the balloon shots were being taken. He's lucky I love him...... a lot!!!

I do love this shot except it's missing 5 attendees who were in the house warming up with me, along with 5 of our models and Michele & Jordana. It's an awesome image though created in complete darkness!!!

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